Stop For-Red

You’ve read about how haunted Old Changi Hospital and Pasir Ris Park could potentially be in my past entries.

So, what else is there that could be haunted?

Just a stone’s throw away from Pasir Ris Park therein lies an old ‘abandoned’ house called, ‘The Red House’.

The Red House

The Red House

I’m not particularly sure how that name came about but I’m guessing that it’s probably because of the red brick tiles surrounding the house.

What’s interesting about this house is that it is situated along a stretch of road lined with private property and this is perhaps the only facade in the entire stretch that breaks the monotony of high rise condominium apartments.

No one is really able to confirm who this house belongs to but one thing for sure is that it is still under private property ownership because it is not listed in Singapore Land Authority website.

The entrance into the house is guarded by two statues of the traditional Chinese lions to ward away evil spirits. Ironic though because those lion statues actually seem to look like the evil spirits themselves and there’s a rumour that the lions head or eyes will turn to look at you if you try to trespass it.

If it really does, well, it’s only the head or eyes that’s turning. It still can’t move it’s body!

Lion Statue Guard

Lion Statue Guard

And if you look closely, you’ll notice there’s cigarette butts in the lion’s mouth. This must be a really bored statue who had to resort to smoking when no one’s trying to trespass.

I also found something interesting sitting atop the lion’s head.

The Voodoo Doll

The Voodoo Doll

In what appears to look like a cute looking voodoo doll, this was perhaps just a toy belonging to some witch or bomoh or medium trying to tame the lion.

Heavily fenced with barb wires, I certainly do not recommend anyone trying to make any heroic move to enter the house or you might find yourself caught in a painful situation.

There are fortunately, videos of other exploratory enthusiasts who have managed to find another entrance into the house and have even recorded a video.

In this next video that you will watch, you might just catch a glimpse of the paranormal activity that resides within.

So, who does this house really belong to?

No one really knows but there is word going around that it belongs to the Tangs. The owners of Tangs Shopping Mall, the same guy who paid for an organ.

But that’s just hearsay.

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