Pick Me Up?

It’s been close to 3 years that I’ve been single and without a partner and I’ve come to realise that it’s not so much that I’ve not been going out with girls, but rather perhaps, I’ve not been at the right places to be seen by them!

This is of course in comparison to just about 9 years ago when I was still in school and getting dates on a weekly basis.

I’m not trying to brag nor am I an expert but these are perhaps the places that goes into my top 10 list in random order to being seen and perhaps even, getting picked up by girls and at times, guys.

If you haven’t noticed, most relationships grow during the time when you were still in school! That’s why there’s a term to address it, ‘Highschool Sweetheart’.

What’s not so good about this? She might get bored looking at the same face everyday if she’s a the school belle!

Shopping Malls
Another great place I’d say! Women love to shop and what better way for a guy to be seen than at a mall picking out clothes for himself that makes him look good! If she likes what you’re picking, chances are, she’ll like it more when you’re wearing it or when she’s wearing what you’re choosing!

Be careful though, if she loves to shop, you better be prepared for shopping sprees!

Public Library
You’re into someone intellectual and what better place to snap one up than at the library! From Shakespeare to J.K Rowling, you’d be able to find every type that you’re looking for. Philosophical or Fantasy!

Just a word of caution, if you’re not going to be more exciting that the book in her hands, you’re not going to get anything from her hands.

The Office
You just started work and you dress up everyday. How is it not possible for you not be noticed by those hot secretaries or ladies in that office wear. You’re bound to land yourself a girl considering that whatever time you spend at work, is the same time she has and life revolves only around those times that you have.

You better make sure you have an exit strategy if you’re not making any more friends than she has in the office when IF the chemistry runs out of steam.

Exchange Programmes
Need I say more? You’re confined to a space for a week, a month, a year.. if you don’t get to impress or catch the eye of anyone, you should really take a good at yourself in the mirror.

Nothing bad about this. It’s a hit and run. Once the programme’s over, you head separate ways and if things don’t work out, it was a programme to remember.

Voluntary Organisations
If you’re not an avid volunteer, well you better get started! Girls love guys who are willing to spend the extra time to help for a cause. It doesn’t matter what cause as long as you’re taking a passionate stand for it!

I warn you though, if you’re only there for the girls, you’re gonna turn yourself into an asshole. Have a cause that you’re passionate about first, girls will come naturally.

Social Events
I’m not talking about clubbing here. Think birthdays and BBQ sessions. It’s an informal setting to head to and just be dressed accordingly. Bring a gift to the birthday and make a toast to be seen! Help to BBQ the food and you’re the talented chef!

You just need to be careful who you’re eyeing at. She might be alone, but someone might be watching from afar.

Public Transport
If you’ve been travelling in a private vehicle and wondering why you’re still single, that’s only because your vehicle is being seen, not you. Put that car/bike aside a few days a week and travel on the public transport. It’s not as comfortable but you’ll have a feast for the eyes and you’ll get to see how she’d probably look like out of bed.

The catch here, you better have a good line to talk about early in the morning or late in the evening when she’s most sleepy or tired. Crack her up and make her day and you’re ready to take her out tomorrow.

World Wide Web
Everyone’s connected to the world through the internet so what’s not to love about it. You’ve got a Facebook and your friend who’s got a hot babe probably does too! It’s like a magazine where you’d get to browse and take your pick.

You just need to make sure you can deliver the punch lines or you’d be seen as an online stalker.

Hook Me Up
If you’re still not getting any dates, get a friend or family to help you out! You’re bound to be introduced to someone who’s nice, prim and proper since all the selection criteria would have been done much earlier by your trusted friend/ family member.

You better make sure you don’t screw up or you’re secrets are gonna get revealed to someone.


If nothing’s working for you, somethings definitely wrong with you.

Cheers to the 1639890834698234359370 girls that I’ve been out with for this inspiring entry!

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