Raising The Child

Uncle and Niece

Uncle and Niece

Welcoming a newborn into a family is something that seems most natural for married couples and it is also perhaps the best indication that the marriage has moved up one step further.

Having a newborn though, isn’t just about breathing new life into the couple’s marital bliss or not in some societies. The introduction of the newborn for couples is also usually an indication of better financial stability and readiness to shoulder heavier responsibility, together, provided if it was planned for.

The impending cost and level of care and shared responsibility before the newborn even sees light of the world begins during pregnancy. Research into how much care and responsibility as well as the cost required is pertinent towards raising the child in an environment which will see the child grow up to be strong and healthy with good social values in accordance to the society that he/she is being raised in.

In recent months, the birth of newborns around me has been a joy to share and what better way to share it than with a newborn in your own family.

The newborn though, doesn’t come cheap in Singapore or perhaps in today’s socio-economic context where competition to raise the child to be one of the smartest or brightest amongst the lot is stiff.

The best milk formula might enhance your child’s brain development and sending your child to a pre-school nursery with a good child development system promises the child to grow up to be smart. For some parents, enrolling their child in enrichment classes is essential with hope that the child will grow up to be the next prodigy and be recognised for the ‘talents’.

The cost of bringing up a child is huge and the results are unknown.

It then brings me to question what is the purpose of having a child and has it changed over the centuries?

Whilst having a child completes the family nucleus, instilling sound moral values is priority. But in today’s competitive rat race environment such as Singapore, the child is placed under tremendous stress and pressure to perform to meet society’s expectations, failing which, the child is deemed a failure and the child’s moral value doesn’t get grades for it.

Scoring less As in school and not achieving Top 3 position in class takes precedence over the experience of learning and the art of self-reflection which allows the child to question his inner self and to seek ways to improve on it. The education system still doesn’t have time or make time to include this into the curriculum and teachers are bogged down with the task to complete the curriculum on time, regardless of learning abilities.

And then hidden talents are pushed aside in the quest for academic glory but this is slowly taking a change, albeit a bit too slow. More schools are developed to accomodate to these changes but parents are still hesitant about the future of talent-based schools and the type of jobs available for it.

So, when questioned about when I’m going to have a child, I think the right question should be ‘Who I’d Like To Have A Child With?’ because picking the right partner who adopts a similar approach towards raising the child and life itself, is of greater importance to ensure an abundance of love, care and responsibility.

For now, I’ll just enjoy and observe the growth and development of my niece until I am able to answer the question.

Nyla Umaiza

Nyla Umaiza

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