Singapore’s WordPress User Group

Users of the World Wide Web (www) has grown by leaps and bounds beyond the earth and with how the world is so connected, everyone has an internet account at home and on-the-go.

More than just being able to access internet anywhere, anytime, except in areas where there’s no satellite coverage of course, almost everyone who’s internet-savvy knows what a BLOG is and for everyone who knows what a BLOG is, they’d have probably tried it at some point of their life.

I started blogging about several years ago and since then, have been on two separate platforms namely; Multiply and Blogger ( and before eventually settling for WordPress.

I’ve only been a user of such platforms following popular trends since I’m not quite updated on the world of technology but up till recently, I’ve been quite intrigued by what technology of today is able to do and how it could help me make my life a bit more interesting.

To begin with, I upgraded my mobile phone to an Android from a Symbian and just earlier, I sat in for Singapore’s WordPress User Group (SWUG) meeting – their 3rd only this year.

It was insightful just understanding how much WordPress is able to perform wonders for Individuals and Business Users and was even more shocking just knowing that Singapore is the only country in SouthEast Asia (SEA) not to have a WordCamp!

Nevertheless, this won’t be the last of my attendance and I’m certainly looking forward to future WordPress Wednesdays!

For those of you who are WordPress users, regardless Publishers/Bloggers or Developers, do join in at the next meeting!

For more information, surf on to the WordPress Facebook page!

Just surf for ‘WordPress.Sg’

Oh.. for those who missed out, there were some cool goodies delivered from WordPress!

WordPress Goodies

WordPress Goodies

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