Becoming ‘The Great Guy’

We’ve all heard of it, we’ve even probably be called for it but not all of us enjoy hearing some of it.


I’m a guy so I’ll only talk about what it means to be this “Great Guy” that women speak of or at least, mean of.

There are several ways in which a women calls the guy “GREAT” and I’m sure that every guy would have been addressed at least once for each:

  1. “He’s a really Great Guy and all….”
  2. “He’s Great”
  3. “He’s such a Great Guy”

And I’ll just stop at that.

If ever you get called by the 1st one or whenever you know you or someone you know is going to get that line thrown to him, tell the dude, to start looking elsewhere. That only means REJECTION.

In the second one, you’re probably hovering between the FRIEND ZONE and the LOVER ZONE. She’s just not made up her mind yet, you still have time but you’ve got to make the impact fast and quick cause girls, well, they make decisions very quickly. This despite the fact that they take a long time when they go shopping.

In the last one, congrats dude! You’ve secured the girl! She’s probably even your girlfriend already!

If you don’t fall under any of the “Great Guy” categories, you’re probably under other categories which comes in different forms which more than likely means that you’re not even in the friend zone.

So, how do you get to be this “Great Guy”?

  1. Fun and Humorous Personality
  2. Strong and Confident Character
  3. Physically Attractive
  4. Has a career in place
  5. Financially stable

I could be wrong on a few or perhaps all counts of that but surely, I don’t quite think so because I’m sure even the man would want something similar in his woman. 

For the guys who don’t happen to have these traits, you’d either be called BORING or even, a LOSER if you get caught trying too hard with little or no success at all.

Well, I think that’s right about the best way to describe how to get called and labelled “He’s such a Great Guy!”. Can you imagine how that would make you feel? But if you already have those traits, you probably already know how it feels.

But well, the “Great Guy” might also at times be called, “Casanova” or “Player”. But it’s not such a bad thing to be given such ‘titles’ because that would mean that those people who call you that, are envious, jealous and just pissed that they couldn’t get or control you (if they’re girls) or hate you (if they’re guys).

However it works out to be, at the end of the day girls want that “Great Guy” to settle down with because this guy will give her the excitement, stability, fun and security in her life.

Now, wouldn’t we guys want to be that “Great Guy”?

PS: “Great Sex” is just as important too cause you wouldn’t want to be that 5 minute guy who slumps on his bed and dozes off after sex.

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