By Definition Solves Singapore Malay Language Teachers Enrichment Programme Problems!

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19 November 2012


We’ve only been serving the Mother Tongue Department (Malay Language) in Singapore Schools for close to two years but we dare say that we have perhaps been able to solve the major issue that most Malay Language Teachers in Singapore Schools often talk about – Low Budget!

Sounds familiar to you?

In the time that we have been in the industry, we have managed to deliver Malay Language Enrichment programmes meeting the specific needs of not just the schools and teachers but most importantly, the students!

Your Mother Tongue Language Enrichment Programmes budget issues can be resolved!

Be it you want something related to Malay Traditional Games or Traditional Malay Cultural Activities or Talks related to the Malay Language, we’ve got it all! (Don’t believe? Got photos on our By Definition FB as evidence lor. Click here!)

So, how do we do it?

We customize every single Malay Language Enrichment Programme to meet your Budget, Student Needs and the Learning Outcomes that Teachers Want for their Students! (We know what’s important to you cause one of our Directors is a certified Teacher/Trainer from Cambridge!)

SO, here’s what we are suggesting – We can work together to plan out an ENTIRE YEAR Malay Language Enrichment Programme for you! No more headaches for the rest of the year on how to allocate your budget then because we will help you resolve that budgeting problem! We can also help you source out for Artefacts or Resource Materials related to the Malay Culture and Heritage as how we have done for National Junior College!

Gamelan Set for National Junior College

Gamelan Set for National Junior College

Batik Set for National Junior College

Batik Set for National Junior College

Here’s what you can be assured of when you take us as your vendor:
1-You will also be supporting the livelihood of our dedicated and well-trained trainers! and
2- Ensure that we can continue to awesomely deliver! and
3- Challenge us to do more than what we are doing at the moment!

So let’s meet up and discuss what we can do for you!

NO OBLIGATIONS to take us if you don’t think we can deliver for you!

Drop us an email to our Arts & Education Director ( or send us a DM Tweet (@ByDefinitionSG) or drop us a PM on our FB (By Definition Facebook) and arrange for an appointment with us!

See! So high tech, can reach us through any method via your Smart Phone!

Hope to see you soon!

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