Teater Pelajar 2014

Teater Pelajar 2014 Trophies

Teater Pelajar 2014 Trophies

I haven’t written much this year in view of my busy schedule but the next few posts deserves an entry.

Going into the competition, I was only informed a month before the auditions date by a friend of mine, who teachers at Tanjong Katong Girls School. The information for the competition was just received then and she wanted to send a team to the competition and had sought out for my help, knowing that I train students for drama and have also taken part in competitions as well as sent students for competitions and have also judged drama competitions.

But this competition, was new for me. I’ve never watched the competition much less know what it’s all about but as with most things I do in life, I do it because it’s a challenge and because I know I will enjoy the process.

Training the girls was a challenge, for all of us – Teacher in Charge, Students and Myself. My friend was juggling between her work and this, the students were juggling between school, CCA and tests and performances and me, well, I was pretty much just trying to see how much time I can have with them.

My minimum time required – 6 Days, I ended up with only 5 days.

With the theme made known as Storytelling focused on Folklore, that made me feel at ease since I’ve been doing so much Malay Folklore over the years of teaching drama and I also run ‘Pentaskan Ceritamu’ under By Definition Pte Ltd to schools. So, there was absolutely no way I was going to let this out of my sight.

Meeting the girls for the first time, I had a plan in mind. An idea of sort with nothing concrete but I really needed to know what the girls knew and understood about Malay Folklore. Apparently, not much with the exception of one person who seemed to know almost every single story because she had been helping her teacher previously prepare slides on them. I guess that worked to our advantage.

Ideas aside, I took a few days to prepare my script and on the day I was to pass the script, it rained so bad my motorcycle broke down in the middle of the expressway! So, that’s how I lost ONE PRECIOUS DAY.

But all that aside, I was lucky because these girls were already drama trained. I could skip the basics and jump right into the script and directions. But I had another challenge, not everyone was present at the same time and my rehearsals were often only 1hr long with them since most of the time, they’d be chatting away BUT these girls were committed and dedicated to giving the best that they can.

And that’s what they did with 4 days of rehearsals with me before the preliminary rounds, followed-up by another two days of rehearsals with me, with the final script that had an additional character in. With that, the school holidays set in and they were left on their own to prepare with preparations with their teacher in charge.

The next time I saw them, was during the Finals.

I never had the chance to do any final rehearsals with them and off they went on stage, and perform they did. While they didn’t get as much applause as another group did, they sure did score the right amount of points because they walked away the winners.

Teater Pelajar 2014 Champions

Teater Pelajar 2014 Champions

With the Guest of Honour

With the Guest of Honour

This victory for them was sweet for me as well as I walked away with the ‘Best Scriptwriter’.

Best Scriptwriter

Best Scriptwriter

I hope these girls will continue to put in the same amount of effort, commitment and dedication to their studies as well as their life.

And I must say, that I am impressed by them because when they began, they admitted that they grasp of the Malay Language was not as good compared to now. Imagine how much of a difference drama can make to any student if they had the opportunity to explore the many uses of the Malay Language beyond the classroom.

Because the Malay Language, just like any other language, needs to be used often in order for it to come alive. And for schools which do not believe in sending students for such competitions, I do hope they’d reconsider because the experience, though cumbersome for you as teachers, will bring greater benefit to your students in the long run.

Best Actress

Best Actress

The experience they get just from participating alone, will bring out the best in your students.

You’ve got to trust me on this because I was a student that enjoyed taking part in such competitions/performances.

By Definition Solves Singapore Malay Language Teachers Enrichment Programme Problems!

By Definition Pte Ltd



19 November 2012


We’ve only been serving the Mother Tongue Department (Malay Language) in Singapore Schools for close to two years but we dare say that we have perhaps been able to solve the major issue that most Malay Language Teachers in Singapore Schools often talk about – Low Budget!

Sounds familiar to you?

In the time that we have been in the industry, we have managed to deliver Malay Language Enrichment programmes meeting the specific needs of not just the schools and teachers but most importantly, the students!

Your Mother Tongue Language Enrichment Programmes budget issues can be resolved!

Be it you want something related to Malay Traditional Games or Traditional Malay Cultural Activities or Talks related to the Malay Language, we’ve got it all! (Don’t believe? Got photos on our By Definition FB as evidence lor. Click here!)

So, how do we do it?

We customize every single Malay Language Enrichment Programme to meet your Budget, Student Needs and the Learning Outcomes that Teachers Want for their Students! (We know what’s important to you cause one of our Directors is a certified Teacher/Trainer from Cambridge!)

SO, here’s what we are suggesting – We can work together to plan out an ENTIRE YEAR Malay Language Enrichment Programme for you! No more headaches for the rest of the year on how to allocate your budget then because we will help you resolve that budgeting problem! We can also help you source out for Artefacts or Resource Materials related to the Malay Culture and Heritage as how we have done for National Junior College!

Gamelan Set for National Junior College

Gamelan Set for National Junior College

Batik Set for National Junior College

Batik Set for National Junior College

Here’s what you can be assured of when you take us as your vendor:
1-You will also be supporting the livelihood of our dedicated and well-trained trainers! and
2- Ensure that we can continue to awesomely deliver! and
3- Challenge us to do more than what we are doing at the moment!

So let’s meet up and discuss what we can do for you!

NO OBLIGATIONS to take us if you don’t think we can deliver for you!

Drop us an email to our Arts & Education Director (abdillah@bydefinition.net) or send us a DM Tweet (@ByDefinitionSG) or drop us a PM on our FB (By Definition Facebook) and arrange for an appointment with us!

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Hope to see you soon!

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