1st RATU Suria Blog Awards


Your clicks and whatever you did over the past week and you have chosen:




Ratu Of The Week
(14 – 22 Nov)



Jannah Jakasha

‘Most Sought Out Ratu
(14 – 22 Nov)

Alright, I will now attempt to get an interview with them and provide whoever is reading this blog with a little bit more information about these ladies.

In the meantime, the clicks are open again for the 2nd ‘Ratu Of The Week’ and ‘Most Sought Out Ratu’!

*Should either of the ladies appear TOP again, I will give it up to the next one in line so at least can get to know other girls also lah hor!

  • To begin clicking on your next ‘Ratu Of The Week’, come back to my first entry with their photos here and you do what you guys do best! 
  • For ‘Most Sought Out Ratu’, well, it’d be based on whoever appears highest on counts on the search list! 


Ready for Singapore’s Malay Beauty Pageant?

I have always loved women regardless of their age, looks or status but I love their personality more – not all types but definitely those that are able to entertain my ever clocking mind.

On 14 November 2012, I attended the Press Conference where the ladies were the focal point of attention, RATU, a beauty pageant organised by MediaCorp Suria with strong partnership from the famous Malaysian producer, David Teo, who’s company had lend support towards the success of this pageant.



What was I looking for and did I get what I looked out for?

I saw 16 ladies strutting their way down on the mini stage with their hair beautifully done and make-up on (I wish they didn’t have any make-up on though).

I saw 16 ladies whom I wish I could bring home with me for my own personal elimination down to 4 to be made my wives (Why settle for 1 if I can have 4? [Berangan Muslim yang boleh dijadikan teladan]).

I don’t think there’s much that I want to say further for now, so Gentlemen, please keep your hands to your keyboards as you scroll down your mouse to take a look at the 16 Finalists!


There’s lots to expect for this competition happening over 8 weeks!

Unfortunately, I will have to miss the first 2 episodes starting on 27th November as I’ll be heading to Indonesia for exchange and to visit my parents!

Oh well, I’ll have my own beauty pageant there I guess!