This week I’m blogging quite a bit simply because I’m experiencing a lot of new things.


I sat for my TOEFL test.

I swear I didn’t prepare for it until 6 hours before I was due to sit for the test. I had no idea what the test was about or how it was conducted. Some friends have told me how it was but I never bothered to check up further on it until 6 hours before the test.

I checked my email and realised the test would be at least 4 hours long!!!

Hence, I decided to check on the requirements and sample test questions to prepare myself for it (Don’t do this kids! I’ve been doing exams like this my whole life! Don’t study and just sit for it and I rarely get As)

So, the sample test questions took me close to 2hrs to complete and yeahhh… A LOT TO BE DONE!

So, when I finally sat for the test. 

I swear this was perhaps worst that GCE O Level exams. This was like sitting for the GCE O Level English paper, all within that 4 hours with just 10 minutes break.

Close Passage Questions – 2

Listening Comprehension – 2 or was it 3

Oral – 3

Essay Writing – 2

The worst part to me was the Oral test.

Just yesterday, I was judging kids for ‘Cakap Petah’ and the kids were given a minute to think and a minute to deliver their unprepared speech.

I was given 15-20 secs to think about an answer to a question based on what I had read and listened to and give my oral answer between 30 – 45 seconds!


At the end of it, I was just so glad I had made it through.

Now, I just hope I pass cause I really wanna go on that US State of Dept scholarship to the United States to study! 

My Special Speech & Drama Class

This week, or rather, the past two days has definitely been enlightening for me.

It was The Security Guard yesterday and today, I had a very special boy in my Speech & Drama class.

I’ve been teaching Speech & Drama for about half a decade now (quite a feat I must say considering I jumped into this industry head first) and I’ve had great experiences all around throughout the entire time I’ve been doing this. During these years that I’ve  been teaching kids and training adults who join the industry, it never crossed my mind that some kids might have missed out on this opportunity to be involved in Speech & Drama programmes.

Today, I surprised myself when I volunteered to pick a class and then stepped in to realise that I had someone very special in my class.

This would be the first ever I have taught.


At no point in my Speech & Drama career have I encountered such a situation nor had I ever been told about such an experience by other trainers whom I worked with.

Normal experiences would be usually be individuals with ADHD and recently, a new condition which I’m trying to figure out whereby someone would just literally, FREEZE (If you have any information on this, do email me at

Today marks a new experience in my life of teaching.

I wasn’t sure of what to do initially but decided to go “Naahhh… let me just teach as per normal”

And NORMAL he was!

He participated in EVERY SINGLE ACTIVITY that I conducted!

From introductions to movements of the body, he did EVERY SINGLE ONE!

And he impressed me with his spirit and enthusiasm!

AND best of all, there were times during my class when he stepped up to take on a more leadership position to request his classmates to cooperate with me as they were getting out of hand. Everyone else in the class didn’t seem to care either that he was on a wheelchair. No discrimination either 🙂

This is definitely MY SPECIAL SPEECH & DRAMA CLASS and this just adds on to my list of experiences that I can share with my trainers and students!

And tomorrow, I look forward to my experience judging at ‘Cakap Petah’ competition organised by NUS PBMUKS held at Bukit Merah Library from 1000hrs to 1400hrs.

Thereafter, I will be giving a talk in the evening on how to ‘Ace Your Presentations!’.

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