The Premier 2009 Event

What’s Abd?!!

So many things to talk about, not sure where to begin!

But let me just begin with the success of my first event that I planned as a business entity of my own.

The event was a birthday party for a VVIP, Malaysia’s Yang Di-Pertuan Agong’s son, Royal Prince Tengku Muhammad Ismail.

Two weeks of pure hard work resulting in a birthday of the year for a 11 year old.

Big Thank You to Diana for agreeing to assist me in this event at a last minute call by Faiz.

To Shasha, get well soon girl! You were missed!

And definitely not missing out is a humongous Thank You to The Governess, Ms Nawal for giving me the opportunity and believing in me to take on this project right from the beginning.

I hope all guests to the event were satisfied with the level of service.

Congratulations to all partners involved in making this event a success, Grand Hyatt, Lyn’s Lab, Mr Bottle, Seng Heng, The Cage and Granex Express.

Lastly, big Thank You to Haddad for coming out with my namecard design in time for me to have it printed.