Hostage Ended

What’s Abd?!!

Asian news has been piping hot in recent weeks!

Movies that we very often watch and cringe in pain at the story line turned into reality.

The most recent and I dare say, THE MOST happening story is the recent hostage fiasco at Mumbai, India.

The siege has since ended but not before damage is done.

Casualty list as follows:

– 5 Americans

– 3 Germans

– 1 Australian

– 1 Briton ( Yacthing Magnate, Andreas Liveras)

– 2 French

– 1 Canadian

– 1 Italian

– 1 Japanese

– 1 Thai

– 1 Singaporean

– 5 Unidentified Bodies

That makes the total body count to 22 Foreigners. Total number of people dead is listed at 195.

The hostagers were 10 men from Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Taliba militant group. Of the 10 hostagers, only one was captured alive by the Black Cat commandos after a three-day exchange of bullets and grenades, the remaining nine hostagers were killed in the crossfire.

The reason for the militants hostage siege?

They wanted to have an Indian version of September 11.

Can you believe that?!

I honestly cannot believe that Indians want to have every American movie recreated to Bollywood!!

I mentioned movie here is because September 11 was an internal set-up by the American government. There’s plenty of evidence to prove it. Just don’t be lazy and go check online. If you are lazy, locate my archives from either of my two older blogs available with the click of the button above and search!

Okay, so that’s actually not the point of this entry.

The point of this entry is above grieving for the losses of those who passed away terribly in such dramatic fashion in particular focus is the Singaporean.

Her name, Lo Hwei Yen. She was a 28 year old lawyer.

I’m not trying to be mean to her since she’s already dead but in assessment of possibilities of her death.

As a lawyer, she was trained to debate, to counter, to win. It is her job hazard as with every other lawyer in the world to talk their way to victory. So, what could have possibly happened was that she had probably attempted negotiation with the hostagers who found her to be too smart for her own good and had decided to have her done away with.

BANG! Silence.

Nonetheless, the fiasco has ended, although with a sad ending.

Let’s pray for the dead.

May their souls rest in peace.