What’s Abd?!!

Are you a Motorist?

If your answer is a resounding YES, then you should have received the mailer from the Land Transport Authority (LTA) by now.

For those of you who are wondering what I’m talking about.

From 20 December 2008, LTA will implement the Mandatory Give-Way to Buses scheme at several bustops in Singapore (mostly in the west and northern area).

So what is this all about?

According to the LTA, buses are efficient mass carriers. Which means that they transport large numbers of people, which in turn helps to optimise Singapore’s limited road space (provided everyone takes the bus instead of their personal transport).

There will be new road markings which look like an inverted triangle as you approach the bus stop.

Upon seeing this, motorists are required to SLOW DOWN and watch out for buses exiting on the left side from the bus stops.

Motorists are then required to come to a complete STOP after a SECOND inverted triangle marking before the Give-Way Lines. This will allow buses to exit peacefully from the bus stops.

There will also be a 20-metre long yellow box in front of the 2nd inverted triangle. This works to have the same function as any yellow box that you see already in existing.

It is also indicated that Motorists who do not give way to buses exiting bus bays where this new markings are drawn will be deemed to have committed a traffic offence.

But well, seriously if you ask me. I think Singapore needs to put a minimum wage cap on those who wish to purchase cars.

Majority of Singaporeans own cars but are unable to maintain the monthly payments, petrol charges as well as maintenance and unexpected accident fees. I don’t think there should be much of an issue with motorcycles though unless it is a big capacity motorcycle.

Why do I think my suggestion should be implemented?

Well simply because I have seen many Singaporeans who splurge their money on looking and feeling rich or for mere convenience of travelling buying cars, only to realise in time to come that such an ‘investment’ wasn’t quite the investment they had thought out to be.

As Singapore marches into the 21st century, so do cost of living and since the education system in Singapore does not teach one how to manage their personal financials (because MOE only believes that being academically smart gets you far), many Singaporeans who are financially inept fall into a trench that they dug for themselves and find it hard to climb out of.

And with the Integrated Resorts set to be ready by 2010, I’m sure we can expect a surge in the number of suicides and people who declare themselves bankrupt. Singapore is after all a city where gambling is discreetly encouraged by the National Trade Union Congress (NTUC), the very organisation that says it’s purpose is to help Singaporeans.