In my last post, I shared about how to manage pregnancy for fathers-to-be. This post is going to be about how fathers-to-be can assist with the labour itself.

Before I begin to share about what men can do about the labour, you can read about my wife’s post on labour here first.

Read it? I hope you did.

And here’s what men should be prepared for:


We were told that first borns are always a looong wait and so it was. Therefore, in anticipation of the looong wait, I’d say you try to nap at the hospital when you can, whenever you can.

I was catching my snooze in the delivery suite after my wife got induced.


Being in an air-conditioned room is good, but not when you’re in there for a looong period of time. Eventually, no matter how hairy or thick your skin is, you’re gonna start to shiver and wish you brought a jacket. And pack 2 – for him and for her.


A jacket and a blanket, need I say more?


While waiting is no picnic in the park, your wife gets served food by the hospital the moment she is admitted as a patient. She’ll get her lunch, dinner and snacks served on a platter. So, you my friend, better have some food packed, prepared and ready to be eaten. Otherwise, pray hard that they have vending machines selling food on your floor.


And she said, “This was GOOD”

Thank GOD it was Ramadan. So, fasting helps.


As your wife goes through her transition in labour from early to active labour, you’ll start to feel helpless looking at how you can’t do anything about her ever so frequent and painful contractions. So, since you’re pretty much helpless, be with her as much as you can, breathe with her, count with her and hold her (or you can let her hold you).




She’s in pain and she may need some decisions. Whatever you’ve planned for and discussed on, well, be prepared to cave in on that cause when you look at your wife’s face, you’re going to give in to her needs because YOU LOVE HER.


And when this little kiddo pops out, you go ALL PRAISE TO GOD.

And especially for Muslim men out there, you know how we believe that heaven is underneath our mothers feet and how should a mother die in childbirth, she goes to heaven?

When you are there with her throughout her entire labour, you’ll start to see how close she could possibly be to death, and death for me at that moment, sat on a very thin line between being a emotional beauty and an emotional heartbreak.

So guys, show some love to all women out there.

Be kind, be nice, be respectful because she is either our mother, sister, daughter or lover.


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