The Greatest Showman

Have you seen this movie yet?

If you haven’t then you probably should.

I don’t review movies much but since I’m writing one of this, you really have to catch it for so many reasons of which I have consolidated it down to five.

  1. It made me cry/tear several times throughout the entire movie. The opening scene broke me down almost immediately.
  2. The movie speaks to everyone. Everyone who feels they are different and have no place in society.
  3. The movie is a wonderful teaching tool for parents and teachers to teach your young ones on values of Hard Work, Loyalty, Friendship and Love.
  4. The soundtrack in the entire movie is OH-SOME! I couldn’t stop tapping my hands.
  5. It’s one of the best musical theatre-film performances I’ve watched in a long time!

It’s one of the few movies that I’d watch over and over and over and over again.

This movie makes me miss performing on stage – be it dancing or acting. Not quite much of a singer but I’m quite sure I can break into a few tunes.

Enjoy the soundtrack to it here



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