With the General Elections picking up speed, the People’s Action Party (PAP) has been unveiling their candidates at very unique spaces, in the heartlands, where the action is.

Nothing really wrong with that just that I’m curious to know if they had actually obtained permits, and if so, how long did they take to apply and receive the permit?

One thing for sure, according to this website,, no permit is required from the Singapore Police Force. Fair enough. It’s not in the park, so NParks permit is not required.

So, that leaves it to HDB and Town Council, but here’s the issue or the challenge that the opposition will face is getting the same kind of permit if they require one from the Town Council.

The Town Council is managed by the PAP MPs.

So, do the PAP MPs apply and approve their own permits?

If they did, wouldn’t it tantamount to an abuse of authority?

If they didn’t approve their own permits but had subordinates approving them, wouldn’t the subordinates feel compelled to approve because these guys are their bosses?

That’s is if the permits required is from the Town Councils but same goes for the opposition as well of course. On a different note, what if they required permits from the Community Centres?

That would really put the opposition at a disadvantage because the Grassroots Advisers to Community Centres are PAP Party Members, either the PAP MPs or the losing candidate.

Thus, going into this elections, I think I need to see clarity and fairness. Separation between politics and community. Authority and control.

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