Why You Should ‘Fail Your IPPT, Go For RT’

Don’t get me wrong when you read this. I’m not asking you to lead an unhealthy and unfit lifestyle. NO. I believe that you should keep yourself fit and healthy and lead a great lifestyle but this post gives a great reason for all NSmen out there who want to earn the $500 coveted GOLD for your IPPT but are unable to because you are just not fit enough to run.

So, to begin, let me tell you first that I come from a sports background, creative background and business background.

I used to compete in short and long distances, do the long jump, played a winger in my school’s rugby IVP team and played a defender for a local club. I also happen to perform a lot and write a lot as well. Professionally, I now run a business merging these elements and I am definitely passionate about National Service (6 Commanders Award, an appearance on TV and a MHA Award surely does it right?).

I’m not boasting but some people just need credentials before they’ll believe anything they read (I know plenty of my friends do!). So, there you go. Of course, it’s not an awesome track record but if you really want to know how you can earn that $500 or more without getting a GOLD for your IPPT, then you can read on, otherwise you can stop here.

Okay, so you decided to continue. That’s great!

Taking into account that you probably only receive $16.15/- for every half a day recall (I could be wrong but I’m just working with a number) for you to come and take your IPPT, should you get GOLD, you’ll earn $500, SILVER gets you $300 and a PASS with Incentive gets you $200.

So, your total amount earned for a day would be $516.15 (GOLD), $316.15 (SILVER) or $216.15 (PASS with Incentive). Not bad for a 4 hours of work right?

If you’re familiar with the Marshmellow experiment, then you’ll love this because delayed gratification could get you more, and here’s how it works!

Because you can retake as many times as possible in a year should you fail your IPPT, that increases your ‘earning power’ and if you signed up for RT, you have to complete 20 sessions. During the period that you are taking your RT, you are still allowed to go for IPPT and you still have the opportunity to earn those monetary incentives.

So, this is what you may want to consider.

Retake your IPPT countless times is going to be ridiculous but let’s set it at 20 times for the whole year. So for every IPPT that you go for, you earn $16.15, multiply that by 20 and you earn, $323!

Attend 20 sessions of RT at $16.15 per session, multiply that by 18 because you want to take your IPPT on the last 2 sessions before you end and wing it. So, over 18 sessions, you earn $290.70!

Now you take your final IPPT and you get a GOLD, so that means you earn $516.15!

So, in total, you would have earned $1,129.85!!

Now, of course, when you attend your RT sessions, you also need to be mindful that it’s a great opportunity for you to network with others.

But if you’re not looking at the big number and prefer to look at the Time Spent vs Income Earned (or Return on Investment), then of course, going for GOLD on the first try is what you should be going for because you would have made $129/hr in comparison to my alternative solution, $6.89/hr.

Which scheme works well for you is something that you have to decide.

One thing for sure, I enjoy going for RT because I just have time to spare in the evenings and since I already do my exercises on my own, why not just go in a group and get paid for it anyway. I make new friends, expand my network and possibly reconnect with old mates of mine!

On the job front, as long as there are people still going for RT, we are still ensuring that the PTIs have a rice bowl.

5 thoughts on “Why You Should ‘Fail Your IPPT, Go For RT’

  1. Hey there! Great post.

    Does that mean that after doing 7 RT and then taking the IPPT, I will still be given monetary rewards?


    Warmest Regards


  2. Hi there, fellow RT “Hacker” here.
    By the way, I am quite sure that for IPPT attendance, MINDEF only pays up to 3 sessions rather than the 20 sessions mentioned in your article.
    Secondly, passing your IPPT(inclusive of getting Gold), this window, also means that you will be ineligible for paid RT sessions next window.(which means this trick can only be repeated once every 2 years).
    That’s all,


    • Hey there..

      Great to know there’s another RT “Hacker”.

      Not sure about how it works now or for you but I did get paid for all the sessions that I attended.

      And hmmm, I still got paid for RT sessions at the next window even though I passed my IPPT.

      Perhaps, the implementation differs between SAF and Home Team personnel?

      And if by any chance, the system is not as how you mentioned, I guess this article was only good for the time when it was blogged.

      Things could have changed now.


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