Rebuild Lives in Gaza from Singapore

After seven weeks of war between Israel and Gaza, they have finally come to a truce. 

While the war may have seen more than 2000 Gazans (Mostly civillians consisting of females, children and elderly) dead and 69 according to IDF/ 150 according to Hamas (IDF Soldiers) dead, this truce is more of a victory for Gaza than it is for Israel.

It is a victory for Gazans because, they have won demands to:

  • Remove Israeli blockade of their borders. This increases the current crossings from 2 to 5, with Rafah border under negotiation with Egyptians.
  • Widening of their fishing zones
  • Lifting of money transfers

Moving forward, there are major reconstruction and rebuilding of life work that needs to be done.

Homes, Schools, Hospitals, Places of Worship need to be reconstructured but normal life, needs to resume most importantly.

The living will continue to live without the dead, will envision and will forge a better future ahead for themselves as how their fallen friends and families had once hoped for.

Most of these rebuilding and reconstruction will be reliant on one very important key resource – CLEAN WATER.

As such, being far away from Gaza, the least we could do, from Singapore to Palestine, is to contribute what we have in excess, our wealth. 

So, let’s try to contribute and encourage others to do the same as well so that we can collectively be a part of the rebuilding process in Gaza.

Clean Water 4 Gaza

Clean Water 4 Gaza

And do join us this Saturday, 30th August at Hong Lim Park for another Peace Gathering event. This time, we will be hearing speakers talk about solutions to overcome the wall. 

Overcoming The Wall - Seeking Solutions for Peace

Overcoming The Wall – Seeking Solutions for Peace

I will be there. I hope to see you there as well. 

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