Wear Pink with White Polka Dots

In recent weeks, there has been robust debate online over the #WearWhite campaign and the #PinkDot event, both of which is slated to be happening tomorrow.

Whilst the #WearWhite campaign was initially a movement to welcome Ramadhan, it has somehow evolved to be a movement joined by other group(s) of the religious community to be an anti-pinkdot event. Believing that the PinkDot movement will harm the religious view of how a family unit should be, many have begun to take sides.

In response, the #PinkDot organizers has also come out and welcomed ‘constructive criticism/debate/discussion’ in their pursuit for a more inclusive society where everyone can have the right to love anyone.

The preamble to this entire situation could be well summed up by a video where a hijab wearing Muslim lady was potrayed by PinkDot to be supportive of their campaign. This led to an onslaught of comments from the Muslim community here in Singapore and a widespread debate started, which probably eventually led to the #WearWhite campaign.

Now, here’s the thing, I’m a Muslim and I’m not LGBT and here are my views on this issue.

  1. #PinkDot is a very welcoming movement. It buys you in, into the idea that everyone should be given a fair chance to love regardless of gender, race or religion.

    I’ve nothing against this. 

  2. The #WearWhite movement is there to welcome Ramadhan and now, to call LGBTs to return to the religious view of what is a persmissable family unit – Husband and Wife comprised of a Male and Female.

    I’m all for the welcoming Ramadhan. I’m all for male and female as a family unit.

Here’s my take, taking into consideration that I am a Muslim:

  • LGBTs can have the right to love who they want because they are humans.
  • LGBTs can have the right to sexual lust for who they want because as humans, we all have sexual lust.
  • LGBTs can marry whoever they want because as humans, we have that right to get married.
  • Muslims can have the right to love who they want because they are Muslims.
  • Muslims can have the right to sexually lust for who they want because even as Muslims, we all have sexual lust.
  • Muslims can only act on their sexual lust on whom they are legally married to (muhrim). Otherwise, it would be a sin.
  • Muslims can marry whoever they want if they want a Civil Marriage. The wedding just won’t be recognized in Islam and whatever sexual that happens even after the marriage, will still be considered a sin.
  • Muslims can only marry someone of the opposite gender if they want a Muslim Marriage. Females need a Wali (Father, brother, uncle) to approve of the marriage and the marriage will be solemnised by a religious cleric known as Kadi.

At the end of the day, we all make our own choices in life and are answerable to our creator.

As a Muslim, life on earth is a jihad (struggle) and the biggest jihad to overcome to be successful is our personal struggle. At the end of the day, we are judged for the good and bad we have done on this earth. 

Only God can grant his grace and mercy on any of his subjects.

Most importantly, while we are alive and living on earth, let’s recognise that everyone has the right to love and lust and marry anyone they want, but know that your personal choices in this life will affect you in the afterlife. Your parents are answerable to what they taught you in this life as you are the responsibility that God has entrusted upon them. 

And heaven is beneath our mother’s feet. So, granted that our mothers do not forgive us for our sins, we won’t get to heaven.

On this issue of #WearWhite and #PinkDot, let’s just agree to disagree shall we because isn’t peace more important?


5 thoughts on “Wear Pink with White Polka Dots

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