‘3 Factors To Living’ Not Tired Lives

Two nights ago, I completed my first milestone in 2014. I completed a course in Social Media Journalism. Not that I’m a journalist, but I blog about social issues like many others and I use social media and so I decided to sign up for the course and completed it.

But this post is not about the course that I sat for, this post is about sharing with you some of the very interesting things that many of my peers and family members have said to me, “Don’t you ever get tired?” or “Aren’t you tired?”.

When I was much younger, I remember I could play soccer for hours with my friends, to stop only because my mom had called out for me to come home for lunch or to shower because the sun was setting, otherwise, I would be playing soccer from 1000hrs – 1800hrs. 6 hours of soccer a day, almost everyday of the week, surely I’d be bound to get tired.

NO, I wasn’t.

When I grew a little bit older, in Secondary School, I was involved in several activities; Athletics and NCC Air officially for school as well as Soccer for weekend activities with schoolmates. I’d be out of my house by 0630hrs every morning and be back home by about 1900hrs, on some special occassions, probably be home by about 2200hrs. This was a schedule I lived with 6 days a week for about 4 years and I never got tired, and I never repeated or failed my examinations, maintained my grades and graduated with pretty good grades to enrol myself in business school.

When I began to grew a goatee in Polytechnic, I continued with my active lifestyle; Theater, Drama, Malay Language Society, Club Soccer, Rugby and Part-time work. On weekdays, I’d be out of the house by about 0700hrs and be back home by about 2300hrs, on weekends I’d be out by about 0630hrs and home probably 0200hrs, depending on what kind of working shift I wanted and got, as well as what kind of activities I had. This was the schedule I lived with for 3 years.

Never got tired, never repeated any examinations and graduated. Of course, results weren’t sterling since I really wasn’t aiming for grades.

Today, as I hit 30 years old by the end of the year, I still don’t feel tired and I still feel like as if I am 18 years old (minus the speed of my running and game stamina). Living an active lifestyle has definitely been something I enjoy but still, the question remains.

I put it down to 3 Factors To Living:

    If you don’t enjoy what you do, you can’t sustain what you do.

    At Sequoia National Park

    At Sequoia National Park

    I keep a schedule of what I have to do daily and keep up with my 5 Steps To Get Things Done and Feeling Great! Of course, this was inspired and encouraged by my parents when I was younger. My mom would often say, “Finish your homework first before you play, the faster you finish, the more time you’ll have to play”.That was all the motivation I needed, so I grew to became task oriented – focused on the task so I can reap my enjoyment.

    Where there’s a time to play, there’s also a time to learn and rest.

    Schedule it all in!

    Many times in the various relationships that I’ve been involved in, I’ve been told that when I’m physically with my partner, they feel loved but when I’m not with them, they feel distant.That’s simply because I’m the kind of person who lives in the moment, being exactly where I need to be at that moment. I immerse myself in the atmosphere wherever I go and prefer not to allow myself to be distracted.

    Basically, giving the best out of myself in order to get the best out of others – giving my heart and soul to the moment.

    Sunset at Santa Monica Pier

    Sunset at Santa Monica Pier

So, with these 3 FACTORS TO LIVING, how could I ever feel tired?

You ought to try it to!

Sincerely Yours,

The Edupreneur

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