5 Steps To Get Things Done & Feeling Great

We all have our own unique ways of trying to get the best out of what we do, some of us do it better than others, some of us just never seem to be able to do it at all but there are always times when we’ve managed to get it done.

So, here are some simple ways on trying to be great at what you do and feeling great about it, day in, day out. Not to mention, having more time for yourself and your loved ones to do other things!

  1. List of Things To Do
    Having this list, helps you prepare yourself in more ways that one. You prep yourself up mentally which is the most important thing and then you physically prep yourself up as well at the same time.I have found this to be extremely useful and I use it a lot, especially when I have too many thoughts in my head. I pen it all down and get right down to business once I’ve straightened things out.
  2. Prioritizing Things To Do First
    Having the list is great but without prioritizing which should get done first, you’d end up never finishing your tasks.The urgent items may not be the first items that you want to get done first because it may be the items that will take the longest time. You really need to have a good feel of the time required for each task to be completed.Personally, I like to mix it up both because as a task oriented person, I don’t like to move until I get things done and this includes meals and toilet breaks. So, I’ll plan for some quick tasks between the long ones.
  3. Finding Your Point of Focus
    There’s really no point of having the first two things done if you never get into focus. Shutting yourself off from the distractions will help and ensuring that you are just comfortable enough to do work is just as important. Too comfortable and you’d be too relaxed and you don’t get any work done.Here’s what I like to do when I’m at home, I sit under the fan, close the door to my room, keep my mobile phone away from me or I’ll just ignore calls/msgs from it and I’ll just ensure it’s just me and my work, nothing else. No music, no tv, although at times I do tune in when I need to get momentum going. (Only news channels because they are serious and I feel the seriousness)
  4. Celebrate With Each Task Completed
    I celebrate small successes. I really do. When I complete a task, I reward myself with a drink or a chocolate or a toilet break or I just take a short break to stretch – nothing more than 5 minutes or I will lose focus and interest.At times, I might do a victory dance or give words of encouragement to myself.YES, I talk to myself. Self-psychosis helps me a lot. Some people think it’s dumb. I think they never heard of the phrase, “What you believe you can conceive, you can achieve”.
  5. Share Your Achievements
    You’ll realize that when you start to do this, whatever work you were working on seems to be achievable and when you do manage to complete it, don’t forget to share your achievements with others!You share because sharing is caring. You share because you are proud of what you have achieved and could possibly inspire others to do the same.But most importantly, you share because when you start sharing and people believe and start looking up to you, there’s a standard that you have set on yourself and a standard that others have on you. This standard will ensure that you will keep up with this discipline each and every single time, every single day!

    By sharing, you place your reputation on the line and when people have high hopes on you, you wouldn’t want to disappoint them would you?

By sharing this to you, it is a commitment on myself to continuously keep up with this discipline that I have set for myself since I was young. I was taught to have this discipline from my parents and now, I’m sharing it with you.

So, if you believe this has been helpful for you, share it with others as well because YOU CAN DO IT!

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