Little India and Alcohol Consumption

In a news interview conducted by Berita on Suria with a resident living in Little India, the interviewee mentioned that on the weekends, fights would often break out and he indicated that the consumption of alcohol may have been a factor as when the individual is intoxicated, the individual would lose his good judgement. The only difference the interviewee said was that people didn’t die, and even in the riot that recently occurred, no one died as a result of the riot.

During the time I spent living in California, United States, one of the most unique laws that I came across was the law on alcohol consumption. It was so unique that perhaps with this incident, it could be something that Singapore might want to consider implementing.

So what is it about the alcohol law that I found unique?


Therefore, people only drank alcohol in clubs, bars, pubs and at home. This was very interesting to me and although I only visited the clubs and bars a handful of times just to have a better understanding of the culture there, this law was the most interesting of it all.

I remember visiting one bar in Newport area with two friends and as we were preparing to visit a bar, they had a can of beer in the car and was drinking it IN THE CAR. I pondered and then asked why didn’t they drink outside instead or at least have the car engine running. The answer they gave shocked me.

  1. Drinking in open public spaces is illegal in the state of California
  2. If you are drinking in your car, your car engine needs to be turned off and the key must be removed from the ignition or you are considered drink driving.

This was indeed a new revelation for me because I never thought that a state as cool and as hip at California would have such a law, or maybe it was because of such a law is why California is such a hip and cool place to live in.

We then went into a club to listen to the music and as we were about to move to another club because the bar was closing, one of my friends hadn’t finished his beer and so I told him to bring it with him. As he stepped out, the bouncer grabbed his beer and asked him to finish it in the bar or leave it in the bar.

So, not only is it just a rule, even the bouncers enforce this rule on the patrons to ensure that the alcohol consumption is only done indoors, not outdoors.

Perhaps, this would be a rule that Singapore may want to implement but I’m not the best person to speak out against this since I don’t consume alcohol but what would my fellow Singaporeans who consume alcohol have to say about this? 

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