Review: Fast Company


Mable Kwan is the best grifter who ever lived. She’s a toughcookie who raised her kids to be just like her: Son Francis is the top roper around and H is the number one fixer. But daughter Blue is the one who surprises them all by putting together the score of the decade. In the end, the question becomes: will the entire family get in on the action or will one of them walk away with it all? Fast Company is a skewed look at family and ambition, and Ching keeps the audience guessing about who’s on top and who’s getting conned.


This performance, is about a dysfunctional Chinese-American family. The play is fast-paced and totally took my breath away. The plots, were so gripping, it took me on a ride through:

  1. How to be a good conman
  2. Game Theory
  3. Family

Here are the few things that I really enjoyed about the performance:

  • Visual Animation and
  • Set

This was by far the best performance I have watched in my entire life. It was hard for me to find flaws in this performance as how I usually would. It could be because I was seated 3 rows from the stage but certainly, I doubt it. Everything was so perfectly executed and timed like a swiss watch.

I expected faults because there were so many change of scenes which required set transitions that included a Queen sized bed, 4 huge panels on the rig and many more. BUT NO, they left me impressed with the impeccable work of the backstage crew and the acting on stage, where one of the characters, Francis went acting out different accents.

Kudos for sure to the whole cast and crew involved in putting up this performance!

And definitely, thank you to Andy and Kelly from South Coast Repertory for having me at the performance!

NOW, I’m honestly considering big time to audition for a performance here in the United States. One tour is all I need.

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