Democracy is for everyone, think again.

So, the US Government has shut down.

I’m a part of history. 

And it just hit me that I would have been badly affected by it because my funding is being paid for by the US Department of State.

I was just questioning myself 2 days ago why my bank account had already been credited when it wasn’t October yet. Now, I’m really happy it did or I wouldn’t be able to pay my rent. Well, it’s highly impossible for that to have happened though because the previous year budget would have already been accounted for, BUT it could have been possible.

Well, at the moment, essential services are still going to be able to run for another few days. The roads, waters and the air will be kept safe for now.

What was I concerned about?

The possibility that I wouldn’t be able to have my Chicken Rice from Singapore because my brother wouldn’t have been able to fly in had the FAA and Customs been forced to close. 

It’s ridiculous I know but I’m hungry and I have cravings. 

Anyway, this entire situation has proven one thing:

Democracy is a very long process and may not work for all cultures.

So, the Communist, Socialist and Autocratic states are probably now having the last laugh at the Democratic state.

In all seriousness, I really hope those guys in Congress cooperate to get things back in motion before funding really runs out and everything just shuts down, not just in the US but around the world. Domestic issues do affect international economies in a globalised world.

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