Orienteering Through Community Solutions Program

It’s 31,000 feet up in the air, 10 minutes past Singapore’s National Day and as I’m shuttling from DC to LAX, the need for extra rest is evident from the dark circles around my eyes.

The past week of orientation for the Community Solutions Program Fellowship has been extremely fast-paced and supercharged. Panel discussions and break-out sessions at Georgetown University Hotel and Conference Center had such a packed schedule that one would need to constantly be on their heels or they’d miss out on what was shared.

Evidently, it has also been the time where small bonds have been created amongst the participating individuals or Fellows as we are now addressed, although there never was a particular activity designed to encourage bonding. Bonding just happened and you just seem to find means and ways to find what our Networking trainer, Jim Wylde, mentioned; Commonalities and Needs.

Female CSP Fellows 2013

Female CSP Fellows 2013

And it’s really wonderful to put such a diverse group together because when you remove the Nationalities, everyone is really just the same; individuals who share a passion towards improving their community through the work that they do (the problems are just so similar EVERYWHERE IN THE WORLD!) and each and every single person comes with their own set of expert knowledge and experience.

It is unfortunate though that time has been too quick to pass to allow us to create stronger bonds just as we were getting used to one another’s company because of the responsibilities and reasons of why we are gathered here in the US in the first place.

But if there were takeaways from this orientation, it had to be the fact that I managed to experience what it was like to fast in the US and share the celebration of Eid with my new found friends.

Eid Mubarak!

Eid Mubarak!

For now, it’s another experience waiting.

The independent life in Orange County.

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