Why Being A Jerk Will Get You The Right Girl

We’ve all heard of the saying, “Nice guys finish last”, and who’s to be blamed. Nice girls finish last too and here’s why they finish last.

  1. You don’t want to hurt someone who’s nice to you.
  2. They make you go “Awww…”
  3. Because they are nice, they are always a great option for you to run to whenever something horrible comes up. 

Take it from me.

I’ve been on both ends of the spectrum: Nice Guy vs Jerk/Asshole (Whatever you want to call it) but here’s the trick to getting the right girl. It’s about balancing both ends of the spectrum and being on middle ground; being both a Jerk and Nice Guy at the same time.

No one wants to hang out with a Jerk. There has got to be some good in a Jerk that is attractive, besides the bad attitude.

Dictionary.com defines ‘Jerk’ as a stupid or worthless person

Cambridge Dictionary goes on to be very detailed defining ‘Jerk’ as a stupid person, usually a man.

So, it’s quite simple to be a Jerk. Just be stupid first, worthless second BUT to get the right girl, you have to be stupid first, worthless second to the girl that you are attracted to or to her friends.

Being a Jerk

Being a Jerk


It’s not easy to do that because you want to be nice and be that perfect guy, so, you really have got to keep this in mind when you are trying to gain her attention, retain her attention and win her over, eventually.

Now, whilst you are busy being a Jerk to her or her friends, don’t forget to show some kindness in your heart, a softer side to you other than being a jerk. It could be that you enjoy helping an old woman cross the road or help an old woman pick up her groceries that fell OR maybe, consoling a friend of yours who just lost someone dear to them OR it could even be showing some concern to the girl or her friends when they are going through a horrible time like getting bullied by someone.

Being a Jerk is one, but being human is another.

If it helps, volunteering your time for a cause is a good way to show your softer side. Just be sure that the girl you are going after, knows this side of you OR you could volunteer in the organisation that she volunteers at. This gives you a good opportunity to be closer to her and well, eventually try to win her.


Be Stupid First, Worthless Second but Have a Softer Side.

If all else fails, keep trying. That girl might not be into jerks with a soft side. At least, you learnt something about yourself and others!

AND REMEMBER, be a jerk only to people, I swear you deserve to die if you tried to be a jerk to an animal. STAY AWAY FROM ANIMALS.

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