A Gassy Problem

I’ve got a problem. I don’t usually have one, but I do. I’m only human anyway.

Here’s the problem.

Ever since I stopped playing competitive sports (Soccer, Rugby, Volleyball, Athletics…), my body started to feel very ‘gassy’ to the point that I need to burp often to keep my tummy feeling comfortable.

It feels very uncomfortable and at times, would make me feel like puking.

One of the quick solutions that I have is to drink either ENO/ Adem Sari or Tolak Angin. It helps to relieve the uneasiness in my tummy but it doesn’t eliminate the problem totally.

So, if anyone has experienced this issue or knows what works, please, drop me a comment.

2 thoughts on “A Gassy Problem

  1. Maybe it’s your diet? During your active days, you burn up your food with regular exercise, hence there is no more gas to release. Foods like beans, dried fruit and onions are the main suspects. For me personally, I feel bloated after 2 KFC chicken, but I’m not full.


    • I had thought about that. But since I stopped being active, I also cut down on my food intake to maintain balance. Plus, my daily diet doesn’t usually consist of beans, dried fruit or onions. I hate onions. LOL!

      2 KFC chicken makes me damn full. One suffices 🙂


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