The Empty Vessel Makes The Most Noise

Its an idiom or saying very familiar to many of us which carries a very deep meaning to it; people who often don’t have any knowledge or information tend to be the one who speak the most.

It’s ironic really because shouldn’t the one who is more knowledgable be the one to speak out more but we often don’t hear a lot from the wisest of men. In fact, a lot of wise men don’t speak that much but when they do speak, their words carry so much weight and meaning that many people often have to take the time to think.

But that is exactly the perennial problem we have; the wise ones are speaking up less and the dumb ones are speaking up too much.

To make things worst, the dumb ones are leading which then leads us to our next idiom of, “The blind leading the blind”.

Not that I want to make fun of the blind but if someone didn’t have the proper direction or vision of where and how they want to get to a destination, they’d be leading everyone on in all the wrong directions which may end everyone up in a horrible mess that they could have potentially avoided had they sought assistance from a sighted person.

But those are just two things that stand at the top of my head.

So, who’s the empty vessel that you are listening to and does he have the vision to lead you or is he just blind?

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