Today, has been a really great day!

I was greeted early in the morning with a fantastic email which mentioned what I have long suspected; that I am THE FIRST SINGAPOREAN to have been accepted into the United States Department of State Educational and Cultural Affairs IREX Community Solutions Program.



But even more than just being THE FIRST SINGAPOREAN, it also makes me the FIRST MALAY and the FIRST MUSLIM to have been accepted into this program.

Well, that’s probably because no other Singaporean has ever known of the existence of this program or would have interest to attend such a long exchange program (4 months).

But anyways, I’m really excited about being selected and the prospect of being able to experience an absolutely new culture; one that is often associated with being innovative, creative and entrepreneurial!

Hopefully, if my VISA application goes through, I can be there to absorb some of these innovations, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit and infect them to others whom I teach.

That aside, another good news, or rather, one that put a smile on my face is that a Primary 1 student of mine found me on YouTube and dropped me a message!

Coincidentally, today was the last day I taught that class and it’s really such a marvellous way to part and to stay connected. At least I know, songs that I perform will be watched by my students and there can be continuity to have an exchange of education beyond the classroom.



And why is it sweet?

Because he cried this afternoon on stage having suffered from stage fright but nonetheless, he carried on performing with the rest of his classmates!

But now, I really need suggestions!

What’s a good template that I should use for this blog? I think it’s time for a change and I need suggestions!

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