Touching Lives

Earlier this evening, I received a message from a client (teacher) wanting to provide me some feedback on one of my trainers.

Apparently, there were some words used in class which were deemed to be insensitive and was a cause for concern. Well, I take feedback seriously and when it affects the morale of the students, it’s of even greater concern because I believe in developing others and if my trainers aren’t developing the receipients of this knowledge, I’m very very very worried.

I’ll get back to what happened to this entire feedback situation but allow me to divert away from the situation on hand to the real focus that the client wanted to address – “The students were comparing me to the other trainers”

This comparison couldn’t have been bad because that would mean a few things:

  1. I’m very good at engaging students in class
  2. It’s a standard that teachers who have worked with me expect from any other trainer

I wasn’t sure what to make out of it so I told the teacher that where possible, I would love to make 10 duplicates of myself to serve at her school.

She then opened up to say that “I have a very good rapport with the students”.

This then got me reflecting on my training methods and its effectiveness because in the 3 years that I have conducted programmes at that school, I’ve seen students whom I taught in P1 still remember me and calling my name out from across the corridor and when I step into a familiar class, the students start clapping their hands or beam a smile on their face.


I have another school where the students will run up to me to give me a hug before and after every single class. I know there’s a rule about no physical contact and all but how can I possibly try to run away from students who come from all directions to express their joy in having me teach them (besides, I might end up causing more hurt and damage if I tried to run and knocked them down).

Of course, these hugging incidents all happen under the full view of the teacher-in-charge who takes a backseat and laugh at me from far.

If that’s not bad enough, I even have students crying because THEY ARE SO HAPPY I’M BACK TO TEACH THEM AGAIN! 


I was even invited by the school’s vice-principal to give a talk to the parents during one of their key school events on the topic of “Engage Your Child, Successfully!”

So yes, perhaps, the training methods I employ in class is extremely effective because it not only delivers results but it also ensures that my students and clients are extremely happy and pleased.

Now back to that story.

So, I explained to the teacher that these trainers were my trainees. In fact, before I started By Definition Pte Ltd, I used to train the new trainers at Mini Monsters and these trainers subsequently now train for D’Rama ArtsFunplay Workshop and ACT 3 as well as a few other companies which I don’t even know exist, teaching both Malay and English drama programmes.

But one thing I can’t possibly do, is to make clones of myself, as much as I would love to, to satisfy the needs of the industry. 

In the words of one of the bosses that I used to work with, “I want all of you to become like Abdillah. Learn from him, absorb as much as you can from him”

It’s humbling to know that I have such an impact on companies I work for and I honestly hope that I can develop more competent trainers to serve the needs of the industry because there are some companies in the market who hire trainers who have absolutely no experience and provide no training whatsoever and leave them to figure out on their own.

It’s disgusting when such companies only want to make a quick profit out of the misery of the trainer (because the trainer suffers in the classroom having no skills, knowledge nor experience)

Yes, so I clarified the issue with my trainer and resolved it with the teacher but of course, this could only mean one thing – there is an effective way to engage students and teachers whilst at the same time deliver results and I need to ensure I can equip my trainers with it.

And now, I’m thinking that perhaps the best way to go about doing it, is to document it down in a book which I can then share with more than just my trainers, but just about anyone who is interested in what works and how I do it.

So, if you are interested to be a part of my pool of trainers, send me your CV to okie! I’m constantly on the lookout for talents to develop and grow!

Or if you are an organisation looking for a specially customized programme to be delivered, send me an email as well, I look forward to challenging myself in developing new programmes all the time! 

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