Growth Through Mentoring

I believe that all of us need someone to talk to, someone who would be able to understand what we are going through, someone whom we can communicate openly about and be given the advice and guidance to not commit the same mistake because ‘One Who Is Wise Is One Who Learns Through The Experience of Others.’

That is why I jumped into Mentoring when a poly mate of friend who was then working at MENDAKI Singapore told me the organisation was looking for Mentors sometime in 2005.

Little did I know that I’d end up mentoring till 2011 and along the way started a little idea of a Mentors Support Group, which eventually received the ‘Most Outstanding Group’ award twice.

The reason why I had stayed on was simply because a little boy had came up to me during an outing to Botanical Gardens and told me, “I want to be like you when I grow up”, because he wanted to give back to the community the same way I had.

The reason I left?

I wanted to be able to do more than what I was previously doing.


I got ambitious, I got greedy.

I wasn’t satisfied with just contributing to the Malay-Muslim society, I wanted to contribute to the bigger community which was why I jumped on the idea to join The People’s Association when the opportunity came about after representing MENDAKI at a YouthLeads programme, organised by PA.

I’m serving a larger community through PA but I don’t think that has been enough for me. (I’m quite a greedy fellow as you can tell)

Hence, along with some friends, we are embarking on a business,Singa-sports Academy, whose core focus is on MENTORING through Academics and Sports.

I hope that through this business vehicle, I’d be able to extend my short arms and legs (and for a lack of hair) to more like-minded individuals/organisations who believe in the power and effectiveness of mentoring.

Parents, look at what we have to offer for your child’s development.

Singa-sports Academy Brochure

We are also currently working on a component which requires parents to be involved in your child’s development because we all know that if you don’t care about your child, who will?

Watching Liew Kee Sin on ChannelNews Asia, ‘Power List Asia’ earlier this morning and his story inspires me. Son to rubber tappers, he is now the man behind SP Setia Berhad.

Flew to London to watch his son’s soccer finals and back in two days to continue working. Asked his colleagues to cover him whilst he’s away and his advice on why he did that:

“Losing your son is worst than losing all the millions of dollars that you have”

His advice on education:

“A businessman and a gangster are both very BRAVE. Difference is the education that they have and the path they will fall into with education”

Let your child have the education and the support they need from you, so that they can share their own story to others in the future. Question is, will it be a positive story?

Allow us be part of the story that your child will speak fondly of you.

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