I Believe In Being Fair and Just

I believe in being Fair and Just which is why:

  • I commit myself to setting up By Definition Pte Ltd and Singa-sports Academy
  • I commit myself to negotiate with Organisations/Individuals whom I work with to seek a win-win situation
  • I commit myself to paying my trainers a rate that will ensure their sustainability in the industry which commensurates with their talents and work ethics
  • I commit myself to listen to others’ experiences when they want to share because they chose to talk to me
  • I commit in sharing my limited experiences at freewill to whoever who believes in me so that they may create better experiences for themselves
  • I commit to volunteer work because it is the best way I know I can meet others who want to contribute for a similar cause

and most importantly,

I commit to being Fair and Just because I want to be treated Fair and Just.

If you believe in being Fair and Just, I want to hear your story.

Email me, whatsabd@gmail.com

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