Population 6.9 Million

Everyone’s been talking about this, so why shouldn’t I?

Let me just chip in a few sentences from my perspective as a business owner.

How can a 6.9 Million Population be bad for business?

More people means more $$ receipts, more citizens means more CPF reserves to be utilized for investments – none of these are bad for business.

I’m building infrastructure to support a 6.9 million population, so of course I would want to have it fully utilized. If its not being fully utilized, then I have just wasted money spending so much on building it, that I now have to think of ways on how to ensure it can be used.

To make things worst, I’m spending public funds to create these infrastructure and then it’s not generating any receipts. Like it or not, my worst case scenario is actually in fact if I build infrastructure for 6.9 million population and not having it fully utilized.

To build an infrastructure for 6.9 million population and have it fully utilized is in fact, a good scenario!

What would make a best scenario?

It would be when I have an infrastructure for 6.9 million population but the demand for it exceeds by a small margin, but then this slight overflow is good!

Hence, in relation to what was being discussed and debated, building an infrastructure for 6.9 million population is a good case scenario – at least that’s what I interpret from what PM Lee Hsien Loong and Minister Khaw Boon Wan has mentioned.

My question for PM Lee is, “How much losses has Temasek Holdings incurred through its investments of our CPF compared to its profits on a year by year basis for the past 5 – 10 years?” And “What is the projected depletion or recoup of our CPF monies?”

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