RATU Finals – The Preview

We’re just hours away from the crowning of the FIRST RATU Suria.

Any ideas on who it will be?

I don’t have a clue either but there are two things that the RATU contestants need to know:

  • MediaCorp Suria is looking for a face to Host and Act (Hence the challenges have been tailored to fit into such defined roles. I’m sure we’ll see Acting in the next episode)
  • David Teo is looking for someone who can look good on the big screen. Doesn’t matter if you can’t speak Malay coherently as what he has mentioned, but you must be hardworking.

So, if these RATU contestants want a shot at winning, it is imperative that they step up to their game in this last episode and throw out all that they’ve got for that opportunity to land themself an appearance in one of David Teo’s movies and to land hosting roles on programmes and live shows.

So, who exactly has what it takes?

We have 6 contestants vying for one crown, so unless they kill one another to be the remaining contestant on stage, the judges will be the one deciding.

Nuraliza Osman – former Ms World Singapore

Hafeez Glamour – Radio personality

David Teo – THE BOSS

Aaron Aziz – Who doesn’t know him?

Jovian Mandagie – Designer

Contestants are:

The Eliminated Ones

The Fallen Ones


The sweet girl next door look. If I had a scene to play in a village, she’d be the village girl that gets every man in the village going crazy. Probably would have one psycho who has almost everything about her in his room and another guy whom she’s friends with since young but he only treats her like a sister and then another guy from the city who comes to the village and falls in love with her.

Wan Anisah

Exotic looks. She’d fit in well for my movie with a sexy bombshell secretary or that woman who breaks up a family or even a faithful wife who has a cheating husband. She just screams SEX BOMB to me. Not that it’s a bad thing. I wanted to see if I could put her in a bimbo role but she I don’t think she’d fit in well. Probably the girl who’s always misunderstood would be good for her.


Beautiful indeed. If I had a movie, I think I want her to play that innocent loyal wife who’s a secretary to a nice man. She falls in love with him but gets taken for a ride by another who then takes advantage of her. I think she fits the damsel in distress role. The unassuming bitch role also probably could do well with her.


She’d have a story of her own to tell being born Indonesian, but now, Singaporean. With her innocent and unassuming look, I think she could play the role of the abused foreign worker. The one who gets tortured constantly and suffers in silence but it shows on her face everytime she is faced with the same situation (I’m getting this idea from watching how she squirms every week just before the results are announced). Definitely my Ms Misunderstood.

Fatin Amira

She’s got that sweet subtle taste to her looks but she also speaks masculinity to me. If I had a movie, I think she’d play my heroine or perhaps an undercover police role. She could even play a gang member role or partner to the gang leader. She just fits that bad ass role to me. Bad Girl.. Bad bad girl kinda thing.. Not the naughty bad, but the BADDIE.


It’s a bit tough for me to talk about this one since I’ve personally known her for about 5-6 maybe 7 years or longer? She is indeed attractive to me from the time I’ve known her but for the purposes of RATU, let me try to be objective.

She’s what I think one would describe as a ‘Cili Padi’ attributed to her small size, being smallest in the competition but she also packs a punch being perhaps the most educated amongst the rest. For this competition, she just seems to fly under the radar most of the time but then hit you with her comments and how she speaks. I think that just blows your mind away – her intellect.

But for a movie, I think she’d fit in well with the sneaky bitchy role. The one who looks so sweet and then turns on you to be that bitch cos she just has that oh so cunning look. But she also has some pretty good looks to play that beautiful bitchy wife monster daughter in law or someone who’s quite doting.

Whatever the case, my opinions are only in a light-hearted mood so don’t take it too seriously.

I just have a wild imagination as to how I see things playing out in my mind.

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