RATU Suria Ep 6 Recap

It’s already episode 6 and that means there’s only 2 more episodes to go before we will uncover the first and possibly, one and only RATU Suria.

As I’m typing this down, I’m watching StarWorld and watching a re-run of 2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Yesterday, for the first time, I finally saw the girls walking down the catwalk and look like they were really enjoying it, as how I would enjoy when I watch VS Fashion Show. Except of course, the girls were covered up in every department.

Fauzie and Marina opens the show

Fauzie and Marina opens the show

Never mind with my Victoria Secret fantasy, this is a family show after all.

But the girls were definitely strutting the catwalk with so much more energy in their feet and smile and much more movement on their shoulders during the poses (aka CONFIDENCE). I can remember very clearly Wan Anisah flipping her hair before she took the walk. I thought, “THAT WAS HOT!”

The Question and Answer session this week was also a bit different, the girls didn’t know what question they’d be asked although I have a feeling the list of questions were listed and given to them because all of them jumped at the question, as if they had studied for it.

Nonetheless, most of them had answered well. Questions were mostly about Communication and whilst most questions were easy, I thought that the question that Tiara Atyra got was the hardest of all – Emotional Awareness.

Even I had to pause for a bit to think, and I think that should be how all future Q& A should be.

The audience should be allowed to see how the contestants undergo the thinking process. I figure that it would be important to be able to see how the contestants ‘think on their feet’ since the challenges have all been edited and we are also entering the last two episodes. We need to be able to see more of them.

Nevertheless! I was impressed with most of the answers because most of the answers would have been something I teach in my Public Speaking class anyway.

The girls had a very service-oriented challenge.

Split into two groups, Fauzie’s group went to Spa Jelita whilst the other went to Sedap Corner.

I think it was a very good challenge and I thought that it would have been much better if the audience would have been able to see and hear the contestants interacting with the customers and amongst themselves. On the whole, the challenge would have been advantageous to some since the individual task given varies and if the girls were given a task they were extremely familiar with because they have done it before (been in the service industry), it would have been a breeze.

But well, this is a competition anyway and life’s not fair.

Then we had the final walk.

The girls had to catwalk in their kebaya batik in high heels (surely not barefoot right?). Having seen them look so stunning in their first catwalk, I expected the same for this last one but alas, it was a bit disappointing. Some of the girls look like they were in a rush and it was just oh so disappointing.

I think at this point of time, the girls need to realise that they are in a competition to win and they must do what’s best to make them look good. The catwalk is their time on stage, just like a performers’ time on stage. Regardless what the director has instructed to be done, the performer determines what and how the audience judge.

No Elimination

No Elimination                  sa

No one got eliminated this week but that only means that we will see FOUR girls booted out next week because we can only have FOUR girls for the finals.

6 thoughts on “RATU Suria Ep 6 Recap

  1. Could it be possible that the 2 girls who were supposed to be ‘booted’ out last night were on the favourite list (if such a list existed)? And perhaps they are given a second chance to redeem themselves next week?


      • I still cant help but think that they already have a winner in mind. Sometimes the one who does very well in all areas loses as she doesnt fit into their ‘package’.


      • At the end of the day, we all need to bear in mind that there is a filming contract which needs to be fulfilled. The marketability of the individual also plays a big part in determining the winner.

        The package does exist but those who don’t fit into the package will find themselves in other more suitable ‘packages’.


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