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RATU Suria competition will only be going ‘LIVE’ on TV on 27th November 2012 at 2030hrs. And since its only an 8-week competition with the following awards to be given, Ratu Elegan (Miss Elegant), Ratu Kebaya (Miss Kebaya) and Ratu Popular (Miss Popularity), I have decided to give my own award, ‘RATU OF THE WEEK’!

What will this ‘RATU OF THE WEEK’ win?

No money..

No sash..

No trophy..

Definitely I hope for a date but, NO also..

RATU OF THE WEEK will get to have an entry ALL ABOUT HER on my blog. I will also replace my photo with that RATU OF THE WEEK for the entire week! (This one best excuse to have eye candy on my blog)

Well, I just thought that this could be a fun thing to do since the audience won’t get to vote for their winner in this competition as winner is based on judges decision (RATU Popular will be based on viewers vote on MediaCorp Suria FB though!)

So, what then are the criteria to be this RATU OF THE WEEK?

Heh heh heh.. (Evil laugh)

This RATU must do the following:

  • Go on 3 dates with me
  • Do ridiculous stunts with me in public
  • Have no make-up on

It’s simple..

I will ONLY be looking at the name of the RATU who appears THE MOST in terms of total numbers on my ‘Top Posts & Pages’ under my blog stats.

How does the RATU get there?

You all smart what.. go and find out lor how this wordpress works..

And whilst I’m typing this, I decided that perhaps, it’ll be good to also give another award, ‘MOST SOUGHT AFTER RATU’.

The ‘MOST SOUGHT AFTER RATU’ will also have an entry ALL ABOUT HER but she won’t get to replace my photo on my blog. She might get to replace my wallpaper on my mobile and iPad though!

How does she become ‘MOST SOUGHT AFTER RATU’?

It shall be based on the RATU who appears the most on my ‘Search Engine Terms’.

So, where will I announce the winners for this ‘RATU OF THE WEEK’ and ‘MOST SOUGHT AFTER RATU’?

I shall make the announcement via my Twitter account @AbdillahZamzuri cos it’s just so much simpler to do so.

Till then, to view their photos, visit my previous entry here.

(Okay, maybe they will get to learn how to play Gasing with me and Public Speaking tips courtesy of my company, By Definition Pte Ltd)

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