Traditional vs Modern Society – Islam

There’s a good reason as to why I love my religion, Islam.

Not only does it require its followers to submit (Islam means submission), it also comes with a handbook(Quran) and guidebook(Hadith), instructing and guiding one on the Best Practices EVER by the one who spread the message, Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).

One of the interesting things that we seem to discuss in modern day is about the issue of what’s traditional and what’s modern.

Lets take for instance the issue of a man marrying a woman who earns more than him. There’s always the idea that the man must earn more than a woman or he is seen to be less capable. Or perhaps a woman asking a man for his hand in marriage. We often hear women speak about them being traditional and wouldn’t ask a guy out but DID YOU KNOW that:

– Prophet Muhammad’s first wife was actually his EMPLOYER. This meant that she was earning more than him at the time of marriage.
– Prophet Muhammad’s wife was the one who ASKED FOR HIS HAND IN MARRIAGE

Or how about an older woman marrying a younger man?

Prophet Muhammad’s first wife was 15 years older than him! He was 25 and she, 40.

I don’t think this issue is quite modern nor traditional itself because if it is, then Islam has to be considered the most advanced and modern society because this all happened some 1400years ago!

Now of course, everyone has their right to their own opinion but for those who have reservations or issues in dealing with friends or family members who haggle with these issues, then I do suppose you could bring up this story.

After all, I’m confident that we all know that the life of Prophet Muhammad is one that is exemplary and certainly, an example to be made for all Muslims.

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