MunahHirzi – Moving Forward as a Community

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been observing and somewhat keeping track of the hype brewing over a television show named after and featuring two popular YouTube personalities, MunahHirzi.

If you’ve never watched them on YouTube, you wouldn’t know what the hype is all about but if you have, you probably have some comments about it.

The show that these two will be featured on the Malay Television Channel, Suria, has caused a rift and a split of opinions within the Malay Community, all brewed, ONLINE. There is a NO and there is a YES camp (I can’t locate the NO MunahHirzi FB page. Got deleted?)

MunahHirzi Poster

MunahHirzi Poster

The points brought up by those who said NO were:

  • Bad influence on youths
  • Made fun of Islam on their YouTube videos
  • Worries that the show would depict something similar seen on YouTube

Of course, these worries cannot be ignored because they are reflective of the sentiments of the community who are generally worried about:

  • The future of their children’s moral values
  • The future of Islam’s influence on the community-at-large

Such sentiments are similar to those expressed previously when Anak Metropolitan was back on Suria this year, after what most believed had been sent to the depths of the sea. Similarly, I did express my unhappiness at Anak Metropolitan (You can read it here).

Nevertheless, for those who have watched the premier of MunahHirzi on Suria, you would have realised that it is absolutely different from the worries expressed by those who have said, NO. The show was at best, nothing harmful in comparison to the worries expressed.

HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean that the problems has been solved.

Whilst its’ true that the show doesn’t depict or is reflective of their videos on YouTube, it has created enough buzz and hype that the youths of today who caught on to the threads would probably be surfing online to catch their non-MDA sanctioned videos.

I have my concerns as well, similar to those expressed by those in the NO camp. I have yet to observe and see the reactions in our young ones because I haven’t been back in class to teach and I’m really excited to see what it’s like because the impact of Anak Metropolitan on my lower primary students were something which I hope would be forgotten.

I also understand that Production Houses are constantly looking at creative ways to generate income and publicity to prosper their business by seeking out popular faces/talents. I wouldn’t fault them for it. But I also hope that Productions Houses would be able to take on a more proactive role in the society/community-at-large by working together with Non-Profit Organisations/Non-Governmental Organisations who deal with Social Issues of the society/community everyday and seek to address them creatively in their productions.

The Malay community is a relatively small community in Singapore and only by working together to resolve community issues through enrichment programs or television programmes which can Inspire and Motivate our younger ones, can we eradicate such social concerns that have plague our community for decades.

I won’t deny that Munah and Hirzi are two individuals who have an abundance of Self-Confidence to go about what they do for their YouTube videos and for the Creativity that they have in delivering important messages through Humour and Wit, and they are good at it and we ought to leave it at that. Our answer to Kumar perhaps? And whilst we can’t exactly agree as a community on how they’ve decided to go about Educating the public about certain issues, perhaps this is where Parenting and Education at home and school needs to take place.

Parents could watch the videos and educate their children on the Intent behind the videos and schools could use those videos as learning tools as well to educate their students to draw on the Pros and Cons of what they’ve watched.

But at the end of the day, the Malay community needs to move along and keep in mind that “Damage Control” for Public Relations is never the best option to take (It’s time wasting). Let’s start talking to each other, sharing inputs and seeking collaborations to improve our community so that we can provide a more uplifting image for our younger generations to grow up in.

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