FEAR – I’m Not Alive But I’m Not Dead

Cockroaches, Lizards, Ghosts, Death and God.

These are all but just some of the many different types of FEAR that manifests within some of us.

What are your FEARS?

What is FEAR?

Some say that FEAR is something which can be overcomed, that FEAR is only a manifestation which builds up in our minds and according to Wikipedia, ‘Fear is an emotion induced by a perceived threat that causes animals to move quickly away from the location of the perceived threat, and sometimes hide’whilst Psychology Today states that ‘Fear is a vital response to physical and emotional danger’.

I won’t deny that FEAR exists and although it took me about 28 years of my life to discover what my FEAR is, I can proudly announce that I am no Hero nor a Fearless human being.

So what is it that I FEAR?

I FEAR that one day, I would be alive with the ability to Think and Feel but not able to Communicate what I think or feel. 

Can’t quite understand?

Here’s a description of what I mean:

  • Your brain is working fine
  • Your heart is pumping blood to all parts of your body and you are able to feel Pain, Sadness, Happiness, etc.
  • Your body is physically dead (You can’t move a single part of your body, including your eyelids)
  • You are unable to speak, not even to make noise or to cough
  • Your internal bodily functions works perfectly fine

Can you try to imagine yourself in that state?


It’s my biggest fear because I would then be purposeless, unable to communicate my wants or needs, no one would ever know what I want. (Of course some of you might argue that technology would perhaps be able to assist with this but let’s say that technology is not advanced enough to read what the brain and heart tells)

I would be a liability to anyone but being a Muslim, I wouldn’t be able to take my own life as I would be condemn to hell for eternity. How would those looking after me decide for me?

Should I be allowed to live my life until I die a natural death?

Should I be put to death like how a suffering animal is put to death?

Until that day comes (which I hope never does to anyone), I urge everyone to overcome whatever tangible fear that exist in you today. Be it a fear for pests or to face a huge group, you can only face those fears for as long as you are not in the state that I have described.

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