Miraculous Ramadhan

The month of Ramadhan is already fast underway and it won’t be long before we cross the mid-point and finally, celebrate the end of Ramadhan with a feast and visitations to homes of friends and families to seek forgiveness.

Revelation in Ramadhan

Revelation in Ramadhan

However, for Muslims, Ramadhan is also a very special month because this is also the month whereby rewards for all good deeds are doubled, tripled, quadrupled or simply put, multiplied in great amounts. It has also been said that fasting a day in the month of Ramadhan is far better than fasting your entire lifetime, completing one of the 5 compulsory prayers in this day equates to 70 on a normal month and many more.

Ramadhan is also the month when revelation was first brought down to Prophet Muhammad in a cave on Mount Hira where the Prophet peace be upon him used to go for his annual ‘retreat’.

Ramadhan is in short what I would describe as a month of miracles and whilst I’m sure there are many who have plenty of stories to share, I have one of my own as well.

This is a personal account which happened to me more than 20 years ago as a really young boy who was at best, as far as I can remember, 5 years old.

On one fine weekend, just like any other, I would accompany my mom to go to Johor Bahru, Malaysia to get our supply of groceries and we would walk the entire causeway from the old Singapore checkpoint to the old Johor checkpoint. The entire journey on foot would take one about 30 – 40 minutes and we would walk because we weren’t well to do.

And on that fateful day in Ramadhan while walking across the causeway, I remember very clearly telling my mom that it was very tiring and hot and would be nice if someone would pick us up in a car to drive us to our destination.

And what do you know, moments after I said that, a car pulled over and the man inside offered my mom and I, a lift in his car. I remember my mom rejecting his offer only to accept it later after the guy said that its the fasting month, and it’s hot and he would really like give us both a lift because he pitied both mother and child to be walking under such conditions.

That was definitely one of the most memorable moments in Ramadhan for me.

Aside from that I seem to have better luck with the opposite gender in Ramadhan too!

Happy Fasting Everyone!

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