I’m 27 years 6 months and I’m not sure how many days and hours old.

It’s considered a young age when you speak to those who are in their 40’s and beyond but it’s consider old to those who are younger than me and it’s definitely considered, “It’s Time” to those in my age.

It’s Time to settle down.

It’s Time to have kids.

It’s Time to have a stable job.

It’s Time to be more faithful.

It’s Time, in fact for a lot of things including to be living your dreams.

And in all those times that I’ve lived my life, I’ve never decided on a specific time that I want to get married, have kids, be more faithful or to have a stable job but I’ve always decided that I will spend my time living my dreams, living life to the fullest.

But since I’m at this age whereby most of my peers are already married and some of them with kids with a stable job so to speak and some also being a little bit more faithful, I have a very simple question to ask.

“Remove ‘LOVE’. Why did you marry whom you married, and not another person who has the exact same qualities?”

And for those who are about to be married, “Remove ‘LOVE’. Why are you marrying that person and not another who has the exact same qualities?”

And to those still in search, ask yourself the same question, “Remove ‘LOVE’. What would make you marry that person and not another person who has the exact same qualities?”

I asked that you remove ‘LOVE’ because it is just a feeling and feelings will change like the flow of the wind but the qualities a person has takes a lifetime and for most, never changes.

If your answer was, “You met that person first.”

Why weren’t you willing to explore a little longer to meet a second or a third person?

And you must remember in your answer to yourself or to me if you’d like to, that these persons have the exact same qualities. They could look different, live in different places, speak different and walk differently, but they possess the exact same qualities.

Why then did you choose that person?

I ask this because many times in our lives, we need to ask the difficult questions to ourselves?

Beyond ‘LOVE’ and the similar qualities that we can find in a person, why did we choose whom we chose?

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