You must watch ‘The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’!


I have just completed watching ‘The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’ and the movie has left me with a sense of pride in what I have done in life, am currently doing in life and what I believe I will be doing in the foreseeable future with my life.

What am I talking about?


The movie is about a group of English retirees seeking for something more, something beyond what they have been always accustomed to throughout their lives and a trip to the hotel located in Jaipur, India is where they unloaded all their baggage.

It’s a particularly moving story to watch because it’s essentially about a group of old people, possibly dying, giving the younger ones advice on what they ought to do with their lives because these retirees have lived through it and very much, with some or a lot of regret.

How do I relate this movie to my life?

For a start, it’s a lot about LIFE and reflections of your own, of which, I do A LOT.

I shouldn’t even start to talk about my own life but if you are interested, please do read my blog, through the pages and the posts. I’m very sure that you might find quite a bit of interesting information, as do how I find others.

But towards the end of the movie, one of the characters ended her blog entry with, “Failure is not to try, and success is how we manage our disappointment”.

And this is something which I’ve had a strong believe in, throughout my entire life. Even if I never understood what it meant, I must have exhibited this through my actions and through my character. At how I believed at 5 years of age that it was possible to cycle down a flight of steps with two bicycles at the same time and took up the challenge upon myself to show that it was possible and ended up at the bottom of the staircase with both bicycles stacked on top of me with my cousins surrounded around me checking if I was still alive. I failed but I tried and if I tried to do it differently thereafter several more times, I’m quite sure I would have found a technique to do so.

But that’s exactly how I’ve lived life as a young kid, through to being a teen and now as an adult, albeit still a young one at 27 going 28.

It’s not a question about whether or not what you want to do can be done, it’s about how much belief you have in what you want to do can be done and how much and how long are you willing to put yourself into your belief to see it become a reality.

I’m very sure that you will come and stumble upon PLENTY of people who will tell you otherwise, and these people are usually those closest to you like your own family members and closest friends. And it’s perfectly understandable because as family members, they want to see you succeed in life but they don’t want to see you fail and they are worried about how well you are able to manage and handle failure.

That is what is called LOVE.

It’s a different kind of love, the type that we’d rather have less though, especially if we’re damn ambitious but don’t fault them for it. It is in you to convince them to share your belief or at least to support you for what you believe in because they are your only family members, and because they love you.

It’s absolutely normal to be disappointed in life by the ones who love you the most but imagine the joy and satisfaction that you will derive when these very same people begin to show you a little bit of support to share with you, your small successes when they see you grow with the belief that you have.

But be prepared to shut your ears when you fail because they will tell you, “I TOLD YOU SO” if you not so lucky and if they never had much belief in you in the first place. Your job will then be to pick yourself up, and jump right back into where you left off, this time with a new strategy to avoid what had failed you previously.

I wish you luck and wish you well, in life.

I’m still trying, and will forever keep trying new things that continue to fascinate or challenge me and I hope that you will too.

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