We Are All Selfish

We are all selfish regardless of what we believe in and here’s why I believe so. Perhaps, I might be wrong but these are some things that we could think about and reflect upon ourselves.

SELFISH – devoted to or caring for oneself; concerned primarily with ones’ one interest, benefits, welfare, etc.. regardless of others

SELFLESS – having little or no concern for oneself, especially with regard to fame, position, money, etc

Why are we SELFISH?

I believe this is part of the subconscious mind whereby we have been told a few things of which I will narrow down to one thing:


And these good deeds are not specific in nature but they address one or a few things:


With that ingrained in the subconscious mind, humans begin to partake in activities which will see them helping others such as:

  • Volunteering Time or Effort
  • Making Donations
  • and well, all in the name of simply, DOING A GOOD DEED

and that’s not a bad thing to be SELFISH because through helping others, you are actually helping yourself to get to where you want to be and I mean, you wouldn’t engage your time or effort in something which won’t bring benefit to you first, would you?

But then some would argue about the SELFLESS things that parents do for their children that even endangers their lives.

Some say it’s unconditional love but I say it’s SELFISH RESPONSIBILITY. It’s every parents responsibility to look out and ensure that the child’s well-being is taken care of. In doing so, in fulfilling one’s selfish responsibility as a parent, it is a GOOD DEED, a path earned towards HEAVEN because god did say that you will go to HELL or somewhere along the lines if you didn’t bring your children up well.

And this SELFISH RESPONSIBILITY can also be seen as a SELFLESS act especially if it involves strangers jumping somewhere to save someone. It’s a simple reason that I will put it down to – that person is a man of faith. And a man of faith is someone who believes in the rewards of god and thus, whilst saving someone’s life may be seen as selfless, it is actually a selfish thing because if you know something bad is happening and you do nothing to stop it, that’s a BAD DEED that you earned! So, why not earn a GOOD DEED instead by jumping in to help that person?

Simply put, I believe that God built a superb system which ensures men will always be SELFISH.

SELFISH to want to go to HEAVEN.

For whatever is not a GOOD DEED, it could be a BAD DEED and if you want to go to HEAVEN, you need GOOD DEEDS!

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