What’s It Like Mid 2012 For You?

It’s June and that means it’s already the middle of the year.

How much of what we’ve wanted to achieve, have we accomplished in this 6 months?

My goals have to be segmented into two separate ones; Business Goals and Personal Goals.

Business Goals with By Definition Pte Ltd

– I’m very pleased so far with what the company has managed to achieved for the first 6 months of 2012 although we should have been doing more. Nonetheless, hopefully we’ll be able to secure more projects.

– We’re continuously hiring Willing To Learn, Capable and Adaptable Individuals who want to be Freelance Malay Language Trainers under the Arts & Education Department. If you know anyone or if you are one yourself, send in your resume to abdillah@bydefinition.net. Experience in Performing Arts would be an advantage but if you ain’t got one, don’t worry, TRAINING PROVIDED!

– Planning for 2013 has to begin now

– Oh.. personally, I think it’s important for the business to continue to do extremely well and grow because that will also mean that I get to help to put money on the table for my trainers who work to support their families. That includes me as well.

Personal Goals 

– I’m pleased to have managed to accomplish a lot personally speaking. I’ve spent more time on stage performing in School Shows as well as a recently completed Musical to a huge crowd. I’ve also coached two schools so far and have watched how the students grow to put up a respectable performance on stage, deserving of a standing ovation based on their knowledge and abilities.

– I still have yet to achieve my Beach Body dream but at least I’ve been working out even more regularly despite not running races. So, the target will be a Beach Body before Ramadhan, although it would be useless since the body would slack off during Ramadhan itself.

– Get Married! Okay, this is perhaps the first time EVER, I make any public announce that I want to get married. To Whom? Well, that has got to wait but one thing for sure is, I’m marrying a GIRL.

– COMPLETE READING ALL THE BOOKS THAT I’VE BOUGHT! Believe or not, I have books from 3 years ago that I still have yet to complete reading. I’m a total child when it comes to reading since I need to have graphics to keep me interested and well, I don’t see much graphics in adult books unless I’m reading a magazine.

I probably have more things that I want to achieve but right now, of utmost importance in order of priority:

  1. Finish Reading All Books Previously Purchased By End Of Year
  2. Beach Body by September
  3. Hire More Willing To Learn, Capable & Adaptable Malay Language Freelance Trainers (email abdillah@bydefinition.net, also visit http://www.facebook.com/ByDefinitionPteLtd for details on past programmes conducted)
  4. Secure More Projects for 2012 (can only be done if 3 is achieved)
  5. Plan for 2013 Projects

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