GENTARASA 2012 – Bagaimana Kalau, Gentar Gegarannya

Hougang is having it’s By-Election and I won’t be able to be there to witness the rallies as I’ll be busy performing and entertaining thousands of other Singaporeans who have purchased their tickets.

What am I talking about?


It’s a yearly event which has received much criticism and support from various groups, myself included – on both ends of the spectrum.

I was first involved in GENTARASA in 2007 as a backstage crew assisting with props, and this year, will be performing on stage with several people whom I was involved with in 2007 namely the Director (Anwar Hadi), Artistic Director (Isham Rahmat), Producer (Saiful Amri), Assistant Producer (Dalifah Shahril), Choreographer (Caca Hamoe) and Talents (Haryani Othman and Decky Aishah).

It will be a musical performance for those who have bought your tickets and you will be guaranteed a spectacle of colours in this futuristic musical.

It has indeed been a lengthy 3-month long journey and for all the members who have been involved, it has truly been a wonderful experience working together with everyone.

Thank you to those who have purchased your tickets to support this local production.

To those who have yet to purchase their tickets, you can try to make last minute bookings with Noormah. Email

Here’s what you can expect, a sneak preview from our Press Conference held earlier this month

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