If GODs can DIE…

I was planning on going to bed but then decided to blog about something which I found extremely hilarious!

Here’s the thing, I’m just done watching ‘IMMORTALS’ and whilst I was absolutely intrigued by the story and action through most part of the movie, I can’t help but just laugh near the end.



It was the beginning of the fight when the Greek GODs descended down to earth to fight the TITANS and that’s when the problem starts.

  1. YOU’RE FRIGGING GODS MAN! Why the need to fight with TITANS, which is probably your creation.
  2. GODs were slain and bled and DIED at the hands of TITANS, your creation.
  3. Zeus needed the help of a mortal to save them? Well, he can only thank him (thank god) he was the last GOD (man) standing!
  4. The mortal man who helped save the GOD (Zeus), became a GOD.



Of course I hope this all ain’t true to what the greeks believed in because if they did, then my oh my, I can’t help but feel sorry for them. For all the might and muscle of being warriors, their gods were actually mortals who were elevated to the status of god with super powers.

Funny, like seriously.

Imagine if you were a Greek in those times and you were a man of faith. I mean you pray to GODs and made sacrifices and asked for so many things and then one day, the GODs descended down on earth to help you fight evil. I mean that’s like WOW. I don’t think I need to worry right? I mean, GODs.. who could possibly defeat the GODs??!!

And then you see your GODs engage these evil in physical battle and you start to think, “Okay, maybe they want to give us a show of how strong they are.” and you are absolutely convinced until one of your GODs bleeds at the hands of the evil’s sword. Okay, maybe you still have belief that you know, maybe this is just some spectacle or drama but then next thing you know, more evil surround your GODs and pierce through your GODs and then your GODs die.


I think I’d be darn shocked and disappointed at whatever and whoever it is that I’ve been worshipping!!

And then you witness one at a time, your GODs get slain and DIE, just like how you’ve watched your warriors die in battlefield, no different when they die. They just happened to have superpowers to fly and move faster and have far superior weapons but they still can’t kill evil by just nodding their heads or just saying a simple word “YOU DIE”.

Okay well, if that’s not enough.

The life of GODs depended on one mortal whom they had placed their trust on to kill the one evil man who had unleashed the TITAN. So, I’m trying to imagine the situation. Had the mortal failed in his mission to kill the one evil man and Zeus eventually died as well. What happens to the world in the movie?? Does the world remain the same as it is or what?

OR will the TITANs suddenly become GODs and undergo a sudden transformation from barbaric individuals to individuals with absolute intellect to rule universe? I’d be very worried because if that doesn’t happen, the TITANs might just slay each other until they all die and then well, universe crumbles as well?

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