Today’s Barriers, Tomorrow’s Success

I’m in the midst of directing a Speech Day mini musical performance for a school with the theme, “Today’s Barriers, Tomorrow’s Success”.

Throughout the phase of directing these students and especially so, tonight. I begin to wonder about one of the line’s which my student delivers in the performance, “What is Success?” and indeed, what is it? 10 years ago, when such discussions were made about such a question, the usual typical answer would be along the lines of the 5 Cs; Cash, Car, Credit Card, Condominium and I forgot what’s the last C.

But in this day and age, does all that matter? Or does it matter more or less, now that I’ve come to this stage in life?

I’ve been told by many that without money, it’s pointless to be in Singapore because everything here revolves around it as how the saying goes, “No Money, No Talk”. BUT I’ve also been told by many who have the money and much of the 5 Cs that money doesn’t matter and isn’t really everything.

These individuals have perhaps achieved what most of us dream of achieving and grasping in our hands, something tangible which we were raised to believe is what is called ‘SUCCESS’ but, in truth and reality, these individuals share their most inner feelings with me in a short moment that they are able to spare, “I’m still not happy after all these” and “Which would you prefer? Your youth or money?”.

Such short moments shared but they impact me greatly.

Truly, how we define what success is cannot be measured by tangible goods but by something much greater than that.

I’m beginning to believe that success is measured and defined by different stages of our lives in accordance to what we find joy in most and the moment we cease to have joy in what initially was defined as success, we move on to seek other forms of success. This is perhaps best explained by ‘Maslows’s Hierarchy of Needs’ under the top section of the ‘Self-Esteem’, we have it broken down further into more breaks and chunks.

Perhaps how we could define success could be best explained as such:

  • Newborn learning how to breastfeed (This isn’t an easy task apparently)
  • Newborn learning how to crawl and walk and identify words and phrases and gestures
  • Passing and getting good grades in your school and national exams
  • Getting into Institutions of Higher Learning and passing them
  • Landing your first job

The list goes on and it continues to grow and the success meter/bar of what we envisioned initially as success diminishes once we’ve achieved it until we just grow old (hopefully) and die AND if you’re a Muslim or someone who believes there’s another life after death whereby it’s for eternity, then whatever we’ve been working for on earth whilst alive should make a difference to what happens to us when we die because that would be the biggest success meter/bar that we need to overcome.

It’s either HELL or HEAVEN.

And if you’re a believer in Monotheism like Islam, Christianity or Judaism, you’d then be wondering if the choice you made on Earth today on which faith to follow, would be the one to lead you to HEAVEN because, what’s the point of worshipping and believing in something your whole life when it doesn’t lead you to where you were promised because I believe for us (believers in monotheism), SUCCESS is only determined on what happens after death.

Indeed then the barrier of today, would be to:

  1. Determine which is the One True Religion which would lead us to HEAVEN
  2. Start practising properly as how we’ve discovered and learned from that One True Religion as a faithful of that religion

Because the success of tomorrow (death), would be:

  1. Going to Heaven

I don’t think going to Hell would be considered a success for any of us, except for the Devil.

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