What’s The Matter Yaw?

Valentine’s Day has just passed and as if waiting for some love to pass, Workers Party leadership decided to expel one of its’ members, Yaw Shin Leong, from the party and thus, instantly creates a vacancy for the post of Member-of-Parliament for Hougang SMC.

This saga began quite some time back with rumours being spread about Shin Leong having an affair with one of the party’s married candidates from the previous General Election. As with all rumours, all that exists were only speculations, most of it fuelled by online sentiments purported through forums, blogs and Facebook comments.

Shin Leong has stood by his silence, only making a comment that neither acknowledges or denies the rumour, simply because it is an unfounded rumour which has yet to be confirmed. Such a strategy spilt Singaporeans into two different segments; Unhappy and Nonchalant.

Unhappy because they feel that as a Member-Of-Parliament, he should have been more upfront about either admitting or denying the alleged affair rather than to sit on the fence to leave the public to concoct stories of what might have happened. (Kaypoh syndrome)

Nonchalant because they feel that as long as he is able to perform his role as a Member-Of-Parliament, his private state of affairs shouldn’t be indulged. He was after all voted for his ability to contribute to Hougang SMC and Singapore’s politics.

There are repercussions to the stance that Shin Leong had taken and whilst I agree with what he has decided to do – remain quiet neither to admit or deny until proven. The pressure of the public has taken to the Workers Party Central Executive Committee who has decided that the best decision would be to expel Shin Leong altogether in an attempt to distance themselves from the saga.

Disappointing to say the least.

But I’d really like to know what and how Singaporeans would react should it be proven that Shin Leong was indeed involved in an affair or if he wasn’t?

Chances are, I don’t think it really matters because his reputation would have already been affected by the rumour and all the public wants is to be able to exercise some kind of ‘people power’ and so happens that he would make an awesome target at this point of time. Such is the nature of democracy.

And I wonder why should we be really bothered by how an MP or Minister decides to live his private life if he’s able to serve the people of his constituency without any glitches in his services to them? (Would you get angry if you one day discovered that maybe Harry only ate imported fresh vegetables from China which is his secret to longevity, has mediums praying for his good health and has a secret safe tunnel in his home.)

Italy has President Berlusconi, France has President Sarkozy, The United States of America has President Bill Clinton, Senator Weiner and now probably John F.Kennedy. These individuals have had scandals thrown at them and they live with it, yet they are able to still lead the country without much problems.

Perhaps, if our political leaders would be as open as these international leaders with their private lives, Singaporeans wouldn’t even be bothered if any of our single political leaders were holding some sex party with Hugh Hefner.

Remember, we had Annabelle Chong and now, Tila Tequila.. OUR VERY OWN SINGAPOREAN PORNSTARS! I even wonder why our political leaders don’t even want to acknowledge these individuals.

They could for all you know, be the best Singapore Ambassadors we could afford to have!


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