$32 Mosque Thief Unrepentant

In my previous post, “Who Is Better/Worst? The Thief OR The Beggar?”, I had attempted to debate between the two based on Islamic Hadith in passing judgement on them.

The entry was written in response to a man who was sentenced to a year in prison for stealing $32 from a Mosque. You can read more here.

At the end of the post, I had questioned if the Mosque had taken precursor actions before calling for the police in sentencing this man and it so happens that the Mosque Management Committee had indeed taken steps and actions to help rehabilitate this man since 2008.

In a media release by the Darussalam Mosque, they had stated the following:

  1. The Mosque had taken the man in since 2008 as he was homeless, having been kicked out of his relative’s home.
  2. The Mosque had given the man a job as a cleaner during the time he was allowed to stay in the Mosque.
  3. The Man had harassed congregation and Mosque staff for money and used explicit words on them.
  4. The Man had also previously stolen money from the Mosque
  5. The Mosque had also counselled the man for his actions.

Having taken all the necessary measures to assist the man to change his ways, the man still resorted to stealing.

The last straw came with the incident in which the police was finally called in to arrest him and the law, to punish him for his crime.

With regards to the man’s disabled mom, the Mosque mentions that it is aware of the situation and will extend assistance to the mom should one be required.

In lieu of all the actions taken by the Mosque to rehabilitate the man, I think it is only just and appropriate to have this man sentenced through the arms of the legal system. This man obviously doesn’t appreciate the assistance rendered to him, given his circumstances for the past 3 years.

I hope he comes out a better man, apologizes to the mosque and turns over a new leaf.

To watch the news clipping of the media release, click here. (Video is in Malay Language, subtitles provided)

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