Sinaran Hati, Ikhlas Memberi

As of yesterday, I’ve been receiving questions and comments from friends “You’ve got your 3 secs of fame on TV!” and well, whilst I did appear on TV yesterday at Sinaran Hati, I certainly wasn’t the one who should have. Yesterday, was the night to remember and honour the less than well-to-do Malay Muslim Singaporeans who have and are still struggling through life because of the circumstances that have befallen on them.

Sinaran Hati

Sinaran Hati

Being closely seated to the beneficiaries, I could see what others wasn’t able to on TV.

When the first lady was interviewed, the lady with 5 children, all striken with illnesses, there was a man seated 2 seats away from her whom I believed to be a relative, perhaps her father was holding back his tears by looking away when the host, Fiza O, interviewed her. It was a poignant moment of strength I saw from the man as one of the lady’s child was seated in between them.

Whilst the TV was focused on Fiza O interviewing the lady, I was keeping my eyes focused on the man holding his tears as I held mine back.

The event yesterday garnered more than SGD$300,000 but I doubt those amount would be more than sufficient as I’m sure there is A LOT of people who require such monetary assistance.

Nonetheless, I was impressed by the other lady who was interviewed. She was a sign of positivity and strength, preferring not to continue to receive assistance from any body as she believes that there were many others who needed it more than her. Rightly so too, as she was an able-bodied woman, well capable to go in search of jobs and I cannot be more proud of her as through her perseverance, she has managed to develop herself and also hopefully, inspired her children and many others in such a similar situation.

So, please do call to make your donations:

1900-112-9010 to donate SGD$10

1900-112-9050 to donate SGD$50

For all that was aired yesterday, it was also a night for fans of Taufik Batisah as they went wild each and every single time his name was mentioned and more so when he took to the stage. Clearly, Taufik Batisah remains to be THE MOST successful Singapore Idol out of the other winners (Hady Mirza and Sezairi Sezali). Sezairi’s mom and HOTT Girlfriend was there as well in the audience, seated just a hands’ reach away from me too!

Sezairi Sezali

Sezairi Sezali

I cannot be more thankful though to my ex-colleagues at Suria, MediaCorp for the invitation as it was an opportunity for me to catch-up with them and as well as with friends whom I haven’t met up and hung out with in ages, of which, most of them have complaint about.

With a few friends - Photos compliments of Pujangga Malam

With a few friends - Photos compliments of Pujangga Malam

But here’s one takeaway from yesterday’s event, the new girl on the block with the great voice, I can’t quite recall her name but she’s a 17 year old girl from SOTA. I definitely think she’s going to make a big impact on the vocal scene. Her voice simply rung in my heart the whole time she was singing.

The Artises

The Artises

As I left, I can’t help but feel a sense of nostalgia as I smelt the air of MediaCorp and wondered what it’ll be turned into when it finally moves out in a few years time.

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