A Tribute To 2011

With just a few more days left to the end of 2011 and the start of a brand new year, I think it’s important for everyone to assess on what they’ve achieved over the course of the year. With that, that is essentially the objective of this post – to highlight my own achievements for 2011.

Whilst I can’t exactly pin point at which stage did I made these achievements, I can proudly claim to the world that none of these achievements wouldn’t have been possible if not for the great support from my friends and family members. These achievements may have been something that I’ve achieved, BUT it could have only been possible through the efforts that my friends and family have put in, to ensure that I was able to work towards it and make it a reality.

  1. Certificate of Educational Studies (CoES) in Public Speaking

    Having received my Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers/Trainers in 2009, I decided that it would only be wise for me to further my knowledge in the field that I have been teaching/training in. I wouldn’t have been able to meet many others, some of whom have since become good friends through the course and without the support from my mom for me to pursue the former to be qualified in designing, assessing and delivering programmes, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve this.

    If you’re interested to take up this course, drop me a line. I’ll help you with the referral process 🙂

  2. Warna 94.2FM Radio Interview on Public Speaking

    This interview came soon after I received my certification. It was definitely an interesting experience and something that I never expected. Having only been in the training industry for 3 short years teaching Speech & Drama/Public Speaking, this interview was a real bonus after receiving my certification and wouldn’t have been possible without a good friend of mine who kindly helped to make the referral. Thank YOU to you, Positive One.

  3. Leading two teams to two local drama competitions

    Another achievement of sort for me especially since I was taking charge of St Margaret Girls Secondary School. It was only supposed to be for two teams to enter the same competition but it suddenly took a turn and then I was juggling two teams for two separate competitions.

    This wouldn’t have been possible had the Teacher-In-Charge not been schoolmates with my mentor, who coincidentally, is also the one who got me started in this training line. Thank You Noor Hasnah Adam. (For those of you who have no idea who she is, go google her name!)

  4. PAYM-NYC Community Change Makers Youth Panellist

    This was a very interesting experience for me. Invitations were opened to PAYM volunteers and having barely served one full term, I was invited and accepted to be part of the panel!

    We’re still accessing proposals at this point of time and if you’re a PAYM volunteer, do submit your proposals for funding. Just be sure to ensure that it’s detailed so that it’ll make our jobs a lil bit easier 🙂

  5. PNSD Provost Educational Video Project

    A 180-degree spin from a series of controversy that surrounded me just a year ago over a blog entry that I wrote. I was suddenly leading a team of officers to produce an educational video to educate fellow recruits and NSFs about the cases that have led officers to a road behind the bars off Lim Chu Kang Road.

    Lots of challenges faced here but I can proudly claim that I’ve now written for TV and also did the storyboard for it. Not an easy task for me considering I never had any experience in TV productions.

  6. Visited Cebu, Philippines

    This was definitely one of the achievements because it was a cultural trip for me to understand the people whom many of us call, ‘Pinoy’. Mind you, they call themselves that as well!

    This was truly an amazing experience to visit the historical city of Cebu, the first Capital of Philippines. If you’re planning to go Manila, I suggest you visit this place first.

  7. Emceeing/Hosting

    I’m definitely putting this in as an achievement as the good string of luck from the previous year of hosting a Chinese wedding continued. Not a Chinese wedding this time, but a Malay wedding and the client, a good friend from secondary school. Definitely not the typical Malay wedding you’d get – this was way unconventional and that means, a tinge of fun and laughter along the way.

    Also hosted a Corporate event, very eventful indeed and totally loving it. I’m glad they loved it too! These wouldn’t have been possible had I not known the bride and the organising committee member and definitely never would have happened if they hadn’t had that much trust in my abilities.

    Thank you friends 🙂

    If you’re looking for a host for Media Conference/Launches, Product Launches, Weddings or Corporate/Private Functions, drop me a line!

  8. NTU CAC Emcee Club

    This was a very special invitation. A first to speak about Emceeing in all my years of emceeing. I’m glad it turned out really well and feedback was great as well! The participants were game and enthusiastic and hungry for knowledge and I can’t thank them more for being such great sports but this wouldn’t have been possible had one of the trainees that I trained for a company hadn’t approached me to give the talk to the club.

    Thank you to you for believing in my knowledge, skills and ability to speak about this topic of Emceeing 🙂

    I hope I get called back to train them next year! Any other club looking for a trainer/speaker to talk about Emceeing? Contact ME!

  9. By Definition Pte Ltd


      This has got to be the icing on the cake. My own company with two other pals. We’re starting slow this year but every workshop that we’ve conducted has definitely included lots of Research, Design, Delivery and Assessment by my fellow partners. We’d like to thank our clients; National Junior College, Anglican High School, Si Ling Primary School, Greenridge Primary School and Singapore Institute of Management for their trust in our ability to deliver customised programmes to meet their student/participant needs.
      Photos from programmes that have been delivered can be  viewed on our Facebook page at


      All these wouldn’t have been possible if I hadn’t met my two partners through volunteering and the clients wouldn’t have been possible if they didn’t have trust in me and my partners to deliver what was promised.
      For that, we have a list of programmes that we’re delivering next year:


  • For Primary School
      Hello! Introductory Programme to Public Speaking/Speech & Drama (Conducted in both English and Malay. P1 – 6)


      Hats Off! Story Telling using Hats through Speech & Drama (Conducted in both English and Malay. P1 – 2)


      Penggunaan Bahasa Melayu dalam Era Globalisasi – Malay Language Motivational Talk (P4 – 6)


  • For Secondary School & JC
      Kem Bahasa dan Budaya GEREK! (ALL levels)


      Bangsa-ONE! Apresiasi Bahasa dan Budaya Melayu melalui Bangsawan (ALL levels)


      Learning History through Social Media – Moderating for Social Media (Sec 3 onwards. Conducted in English)


      Penggunaan Bahasa Melayu dalam Era Globalisasi – Malay Language Motivational Talk (ALL levels)


  • Public Programme
       Hats Off! Story Telling through Speech & Drama (5 – 10yrs old)


      Networking for Career Development Opportunities (Working Adults)


      Basic Specialised Mentoring Programme (Budding Mentors)


LASTLY, I’m happy to know so many good people in my life who’ve helped in my life. I hope that I’ve been of help to them as much as they’ve helped me and I hope to continue to be able to help more in 2012.

Have a great end to 2011 people!

See ya’ll in 2012!


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